My Disease Story|Journey With CBD Oil

I haven’t been too transparent with you guys. As a part of my life you guys need to know what’s been going on with me. The brand that I reviewed the CBD Oil …


  1. So sorry you had/have to go through this. I couldn’t imagine.. I’m glad you found something to help you. Hopefully somebody that is going through this could see this & this could possibly help them too. I’ve heard good things about CBD oil. ♥️♥️ stay strong girlie.

  2. OMG, what a story! I know a bit about Morbus Crohn and I hope you can cope with this disease somehow. Take care!

  3. You’re amazing for sharing this I am so glad that you understand better what’s going on with your body 💗 take your time and heal because a better You is better content we can wait 😚 you’re doing amazing! My cousin goes through the same thing & he just became a father, I’m going to make sure to remind him to be sure he pats close attention to his son (just in case). Love you Sarah🥰

  4. I have an uncle who has this disease but I’ve never been around him enough to notice any major changes he may go through. I never assume anyone is pregnant for reasons like this. Happy that you found something that works! I would also do some extensive research in dieting! Seriously, your diet can make some noticeable improvements in your overall health no matter your condition, even if small! Sending love 💕

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