1. Since going through my awakening weed has helped me keep aligned with myself. Without it i wonder and let things in that don’t need to be there. Once i smoke and meditate I’m way more grounded

  2. Thanks for post Victor. I stopped drinking and smoking weed 24 years ago. I was in rehab for eighteen months. I wanted to heal trauma from childhood and grow spiritually. I intrinsically knew any substance that surpressed negative feeling would halt my assension. Drugs will take you into the garden of Eden by passing all the awakening process but in the morning you'll be thrown out because you haven't earned the right to be there. Peace.

  3. Medicinal cannabis has been a godsend for me but I congratulate anyone who has the insight and strength to stop doing something if the cons start to outweigh the pros. One thing I have noticed about people that give up is that they have all done it to excess. Like all things, moderation is the key.

  4. I'm gonna stop smoking soon bc my intuition has been telling me to let go as well. It's helped me through so much to a point that it became a part of my identity but I feel my vibration raising and I know my time is coming. I feel sad rn bc I enjoy it so much soon my getting high days will all just be my old self

  5. There's only 1 reason to quit cannabis. When there's nothing wrong with you. Cannabis helps the body heal. The point when the body can take over the healing process without its usage. You don't need it. There's plenty of other uses for cannabis beside smoking it for the THC.
    P.s. healing can be physically and mentally

  6. Thanks for sharing ! I’m with you . Had the authentic Kundalini awaking followed by the end of a 29 year run of daily pot smoking. I held on kicking and screaming for a couple years of off and on but the message from higher self was clear and I quit a year and a half ago . I love the freedom of nothing controlling me and am more in alignment with spirit. Not to mention quite high in general naturally. So grateful for the Kundalini experience but as you know it can be a rough ride … wouldn’t change it for anything though and love the path I’m on . Namaste ✌🏽❤️

  7. Great video man! Ya for me it was a very similar experience. The dreams were probably the number 1 factor for me. I just have much more vivid dreams when I don't smoke. Definitely less foggy, better memory, and just having the ability to be sharp and on point when I don't smoke. I feel you though, it definitely helped me open my mind aided my spiritual journey in the beginning.

  8. I come back to this video when I need a reminder. I’ve been cutting down a lot. I went from every day, multiple times a day to a couple times a week.

    It is time.

  9. I also have had a kind of good-bye period of Marijuana. In my case it felt like I had to break up with my girlfriend. For me it was really painful experience and required even addiction therapy for it.
    It took me about 1 year to quit the regularity of my daily smoking.

  10. I will be quitting as well. It currently is helping me with intense pain and learning to accept my visions and intuition as real. Its giving me insight into my awakening. But my end goal is to be free of it any pharmaceuticals I can as well. Thank you for this video. Much love and light

  11. Weed always help me expand my mind but I use to drink real heavy……ever since my awakening, I lost all desire for alcohol

  12. So you say that you want to quit cannabis because you are losing your spiritual part of you that's great so does God come into your life now you talk about Chi what does that have to do with your spiritual part of you if you're really talking spiritual Ness try Jesus you will be able to listen to him more clearly listen at the beginning is hard but listen to Jesus he speaks softly to you with Grace and dignity God bless you

  13. Negative mindset thinking of self shame type of thing, cannabis should be respected, you dont need to use it every second of the day, then one can get self critical and think they are doing something wrong. No disrespect though, whatever works for you go for it

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