Marijuana advocate talks latest on legalization fight

The CEO of Revolution Enterprises Mark de Souza charts the marijuana industry’s future. About Rising: Rising is a weekday morning show with bipartisan hosts …


  1. Saagar Lame as hell 👎🏽😂“I went on ur website” you sound lame dawg. “You have fudge” tf you talking about dawg you just exposed how y’all target us (kids)with fudge ? Lmao you full of it . Things are gonna be abused regardless of any advertising or targeting. So in the End it’s just as bad as alcohol and Tobacco ✅

  2. Nice to see the discussion happening, but this guy is all about big industry domination through government favoritism. Anyone should be able to prove basic safety standards through modest regulations. Like CA does.

  3. There are conservative voices who can argue their points better than Saagar does here and has on numerous of ocassions lately. His perspective isn't fact and his attempts to project it as such make for sub-par content. Doesn't represent conservatives well in my opinion.

  4. When he says "I was just about to go there and I appreciate that," it low-key sounds like he's saying "chill the fuck out and let me finish speaking."

  5. Actual teen use isn't up in Colorado. The reported use is up because its legal and kids don't fear saying they smoke pot. A chemical dependency addiction to pot is not possible. You can really like having life not suck as much or get a habitation to the activity, but not addiction.

  6. Saagar, where are you getting your information? Juul is used predominately by children? That is not correct!!

  7. Saagar is driving me crazy. Reads perspectives like they are fact. Can we replace him with somebody else already?

  8. saagar it's just a stupid fear mongrel, there are many studies that say that marijuana it's not a gateway drug AT ALL, imbecile

  9. I doubt Saager ever even had pot once. He's quoting blatantly inaccurate data that even a single use would make immediately obvious. Embarrassing.

  10. The way this guy talks: "I appreciate that question. Blah, blah, blah, science, blah, blah, blah, veterans." It's important to throw all the good words into your answer. haha!

  11. Children might think its cool so ban it. There goes EVERYTHING adult. Welcome to Puritan times. Saagar is a dickhead sometimes.

    Guest looks stoned, BTW.

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