Jordan B. Peterson Accidentally Livestreams His Wife & Himself Cursing!

On August 29, 2018, famous professor Jordan B. Peterson accidentally live streamed himself browsing YouTube and having a conversation with his wife.


  1. Lol *Nonchalant*"Uh-Oh.. I'm live streaming". Not sure if the video title was meant to make this seem bad or something, but I don't even think the "Cursing!" part needed to be in the title. Like, he just spoke naturally and said, "Good luck with that, fucking pricks" every guy I've even met speaks like that at times, regardless of education. And on top of it he said it so calmly and matter-of-factly that it didn't even come across too negatively.

  2. This guy shows just how much of a narcissistic egomaniac he is. He virtually completely ignored his wife.
    Maybe he was born with it… maybe it's the Klonopin

  3. I could be considered left I'm registered libertarian. I'm a lesbian. I'm black. Non religious. Even I too I have good sense to know for a fact that there are two genders. Identify as you please. Be a popsicle if you'd like but know your facts and preach them

  4. It felt like spying and I felt a little uncomfortable about watching this when its in there home. Wish I hadn't watched now.

  5. OH NO! NOT CURSING! That's as bad as hate speech! Send him to reeducation camp.
    How petty. You're no different than SJW's. Just like them you focus on trivialities instead of the message. Fool.

  6. I think it’s ironic that he preaches stating your opinion and letting the good ideas manifest themselves, but here he is actually mocking people for believing what they believe. I love Jordan Peterson and this is the first video that has shed a bad light on him. I love him, but I don’t think the mockery “little pricks” was necessary and it doesn’t hold true to his values. But given he is in his home and didn’t think the livestream was going, his privacy should be respected.

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