‘I Feel Like I’m Always In The Middle,’ Says Woman Of Feud Between Daughter And New Husband

A homeless woman says she doesn’t get along with her mother’s husband and wants him “out of the picture.” He claims she is hateful and making the marriage …


  1. This poor women could have skizno, bipolar or both. Some of the things I'm hearing that she's done sounds way off for any normal person. I do hope she gets help.

  2. Love how parents always screw up the kids, then whine and cry when they turn out like so…………….and wonder how it happened.

  3. I had a patient like her . She didn't bath from 2001, she clean herself with baby oil, protest when someone touch her stuff, her surroundings was just trashy. She is over 60 years old and when she got an infection we had to intervene. Was something I will never forget. Her son is a doctor and told us that was a slow but growing change. When we washed her for the first time was like washing a bear. Now she lives in a psychiatric facility and started to make progress

  4. Incest and molestation victims wear the same clothes a lot because they don't like changing them, as they feel exposed and vulnerable without them. They feel like everyone can "see it on them", so they cover up with layers and hide. She has a rage inside meant for her abuser.

  5. It could be anxiety that she has when I was like 12 I used to get sudden panic attacks out of nowhere and I was afraid of showering… Id shower but I was so scared of the vapor felt like I couldnt breath when it was hot water because of the vapor and I couldnt use cold water cuz I never liked to shower in cold water. It was weird.. But thank God I overcame it.. She doesnt have supportive people in her life she needs to be cared for and motivated like a child in my opinion.

  6. Bad behavior? There's something more deep and psychology wrong with her than bad behavior . She needs professional help .

  7. Living with a stepfather similar to this; I truly can not fathom how these men feel entitled to a family and to dictate how that family should revolve around them as opposed to integrating into their family 🤢

  8. The father wanted an abortion and based off the way he speaks, I’m sure he is very hostile towards her. She also comes off that she has been touched 🙁

  9. My heart breaks for her. How does a father admit he wanted his baby murdered? Everyone is selfish. No one is loving or kind, or compassionate. No empathy.

  10. I feel like when she brushes her hair, she doesnt consider what it looks like from the back as she only looks straight forward into the mirror😂😂💀

  11. Ok so I’ve been abused, I was unwanted by my parents, I was raped as a child, I’ve been in major abusive relationships outside of home and I don’t understand the excuse of refusing to shower. Trauma or not, you were NOT held under the water and drowned so there’s no excuse for that.

  12. Seems like shes a spoiled brat that wants to be a hipster going on dr phil aint gonna help her shes probably trying to get famous

  13. And this is why I dong judge others because of their behavior, you never know what ppl are going through or been through

  14. A Few yrs ago i gone though trauma by me being abuse mental health hospital staff..
    I was looking back for 2+ years Whenever of how bad it went or thinking of my past i was angry a long time of how it was.. When i was Being in shower i was hanging head down for 3 hours often i Had Really bad anxiety & was angry in my mind eventuellty i Had some Really dark thoughts coming wish i could type it But its a bit too much for this comment section.. I quit showering for long time
    Btw ive gotten help nowdays with showering & brush teeth hygiene i have struggled with in The past until like 17 years old i guess learn how To
    Parents didnt tell me how/
    I moved in to special needs home/group home
    1 year ago and I improved a lot i am happier than bef4 But i dont think my self confidence is Really good.. But 2 week ago it was gonna change they said il be doin more things myself i then started yell Screaming Throwing all kitchen stuff on the floor btw i have mild Autism & Intelectual disability..
    I so Happy When ppl give me attention 😁
    I get thoughts to be homeless i run away from home sometimes avoid medicine ive quit medication now for 3 days

  15. I absolutely love Dr Sophie. He tells it like it is and doesnt hold back. If people dont like what he has to say what does he care? He isn't there to make friends hes there to be an advocate for the best interest of the child.

  16. I've seen SOOOOOO many millennials and newer generations with this mentality. They just don't think they have be responsible and do for themselves. When they are forced to do it themselves or go without they just say "I'm ok without" (lie) "I don't care" (lie). How can you expect someone else to do EVERYTHING for you (narcissistic? infantile?). Addicted to that "cared for" feeling or just lazy/entitled? What happened to "If you want it done right, do it yourself?" It feels good when I do something for myself.

    You can't go through life for free, EVERYONE must work to support themselves when they become an adult. You determine the quality of your life and your future family's life based on how hard you work (how it's supposed to be).

    Does this make them feel special to not have to? Why do people try to scheme, cheat, and lie their way out of this concept? Isn't it better/less work to just – work! Don't they feel bad hurting and disrespecting others and also themselves? Why would they rather be homeless/die than an independent human being? Why would someone choose to be so powerless?

  17. Good for the stepfather. Someone needs to tell this 23 YEAR OLD exactly what needs to be said instead of tiptoeing around her and letting her manipulate others.

  18. My son goes thru this. It’s hard to get people to understand the not showering and filth. He has never been abused in any way and has been in and out of therapy for 11 yrs. at some point you have to let go of the idea of a mental issue and understand it’s a entitlement issue

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