1. Some of my spider plant leaves have started to curl. When I got it from the nursery, it came with pups and all its leaves were straight. What am I doing wrong? 😥

  2. Your vdos shows as if you don't consider your plants as plants only you r connected to them and treat them and take care of them as humans 😊

  3. is that a spiderplant or lily paris? or both are the same plant? please explain

    I bought a spiderplant from the gardener, first i choose the plant like in this video but the garderner said, "that's lily paris, not spiderplant", and then she gave a plant with thin leaf and has a white side more thick.

    please help explain this

  4. आवाज ही बहुत सुरीली है आपकी ऐसी अजवा से समझाया जाए तो इंसान को ना समझ आने वाली चीजें भी समझ आ जाये

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