How to Grow Marijuana Outdoors Garden Update April 27th

This is the garden update for the week, check out the growth. This video is only an update of the garden progress as part of the series of how to grow. Thanks for …


  1. Hey I don't know how many are in the NOR CAL VALLEY LIKE NIRTH OF SAC. But has anyone's herb already started into bud mode just mysteriously all of a sudden??

  2. Ok!!! This vid. Is way uninformative. To an extent!!! You did mention mantis's but not lady bugs or adding night crawlers to your soil to help enrichen it. Maybe illl just have to do it!! And make the video on how to start your grow!! The pre conditioning if the soil!!! Spraying insecticides befor you plant why you always use new soil and not old or narrowed soil!!! I can keep goin and goin

  3. What about us in the northern states? We all have to wait until right now to start planting. It's June here in the Catskills.

  4. Hey, does this have anything to say about which soil type I use ?. And how much hot temperatures it must be outside to grow?

  5. Hey pigeon has left the coop, hope you know something about mushrooms if not start learning lol happy growing

  6. Just stopped by to get high… I mean say hi lol, love all the grow space everything is on cruise control nice!!!!💯

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