1. Dont need to spend the $$$ ON stonington, its the same as the bumper crop soil builder at more then twice the price

  2. Blood meal is also a good source of iron! Guru can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think fulvic acid does a good job of chelating the iron and helps the plant to uptake it. Shit, if I'm not wrong, that sounded smart!

  3. Hi guys, nick from Australia , the legend (Porc garden) put me on to your channel. I love it.💯💥😃🤘 I also sub alot of the people below. 👍👍🍻🌱🚬🇦🇺
    Gotta love this community I'm part of. I'll be subbing u guys straight away! Peace. 💚

  4. Lol…there is two kinds of soil…
    Mine and your's. .
    We all grow for different reasons. ..this is the first step in getting soil for a grow.

  5. Used to be on at 10:30 PM in Aus, nice way to kick back when all the tasks are for the day. Now at 10:30 am, Strayans are all at work, so not many of us going to make the live chat (unless you are an unemployed bum).

  6. Another great show! Thank you for the information but I really miss the morning show/chat. It became my favorite way to start my day very quickly.

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