HEMP HARVEST 2019 – Harvesting Industrial Hemp for CBD

This video shows an industrial hemp harvest for CBD for the 2019 growing season. Interested in starting a crop for industrial hemp? Check out my channel for …


  1. Looked like a great harvest, hope they make you some money! I tried something similar but then quickly ran out of room to dry them all. My video "HEMP for CBD" shows how I saved a ton of room with a different harvest strategy. check it out if you plan on growing more hemp in the future!

  2. I talk to our plants too. I thank them for working with me to become the best that they can be!

  3. Was this a high or low CBD strain? Seems on a smaller plot like this a 20% cbd to -1% thc would be ideal to get the highest value.

  4. Espero que en mis país pronto legalizan el cannabis
    Tendré my terreno así mismo solo plantare cannbis

  5. I think taking the whole plant down, breaking them down ( partly ) or leaving them whole, in a controlled environment ( humidity and temp ) and leaving them to hang dry, is the most forgiving and easy- best processing way..

    Keep humidity around 60 and temp around 70 ish with a fan for a light breeze . Could take 5-10 days depending

    Hope this 👆🏻helps others..

    Soo many gadgets on the market ( trimmers, hanging baskets etc etc )
    When it’s the simplest easiest tried and true ways that work the best

  6. Man,I wish my crop was coming down this fast. Lol. I expanded to 21 acres this year. Been harvesting for 3 weeks and still a long way to go. Hemp is a ton of work folks

  7. Wet processing is the way to go unless you can cure in a controlled environment. I hung my plants in the barn here in east TN. The fluctuation of humidity messes with the cure.

  8. What is the end product made from the plants? Where do you take them for processing? I am very curious about this not much info out there. Love the Massey tractor I have a 1652 awesome tractor. Thanks

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