Grow Room Humidity (RH) and Temperature For Indoor Cannabis Plants

One of the most important elements of a successful Cannabis grow is air…specifically, the grow room temperature and relative humidity (RH). In this video, Rob …


  1. Man i have bad humidity issues without a dehumidifier i cant get it under 55% and it gets over 70 at times with a fan and a AC room stays 72 degrees i dont understand ive never had this problem

  2. Rob, I have inly1 26" auto flower I need to Dry, should I try something like a Card Board Box to dry it ? At what Temp range and Humidity Range. Please let me know… thanks

  3. Great video. Iย am wondering how low to drop the temp for the last 2 weeks before harvest for day time and also for night time

  4. My humidity is up to 65% during lights out. Im 28 days into flowering. Is this ok? I have 2 tube heaters in my 2×2 tent & the night temp is 26 degrees. I have a small dehumidifier but it's still high. Any suggestions?

  5. My humidity is 35% and temp 77F plants seem to be drying out a lil bit leaves turning brown and dying but Iโ€™m in week 8 of flower anyways so idk.

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