Forget JUUL! Vape With THIS To Quit Smoking! Blu Review

As I continue my journey to stay cigarette-free, I’ve turned to vaping. In my last video, I was trying the JUUL. Now, I’ve moved on to a product that seems to cater …


  1. How is that working out for you? Almost bought a juul today. I really want to quit. How many pods do you go through. I smoke a little less than a pack a day. Thanks for your video!

  2. Just a little tip, when the juul pod doesn't hit right you can put ur finger on the bottom and suck on it a couple of times then it should be better

  3. Finally someone who feels the same as me, I want to switch to vaping over cigs but damn I’m not looking for all these crazy flavors, I just want something that taste like a normal cig, I’ve got a juul now but it’s been hard to get consistent with it and the hits are small or they burn so I’m looking for something else, thanks for the video I’ll probably be making a switch!

  4. Blu is the worst ecigg i have tried. The pods leaked out and kept needing to be cleaned, they burned and tasted terrible, and their customer service is as bad as juul.

    There are vapes better than both juul and blu that you can refill yourself.

  5. I tried various refillable pod systems in search of one that doesn't leak. The Caliburn pods/device is the way to go. Virtually leak proof. Try it…you wont be dissappointed. Also, get a nic salt juice of 2.5% ***Smooth***

  6. I'm considering trying the Blu, but I personally do love the Juul. I can hold it between my fingers or lips just like a cigarette, and the Virginia tobacco (usually) tastes great, imo. The only drawback is the price of the pods.

  7. Your paying over twice the price for the convenience store brands instesd of shoping for a mod set up, its much cheaper in the long run and much more enjoyable. I pay 60 dollars or so a month for my liquid and 20 dollars every 2 months for a pack of coils. Stop being lazy, $ is the number 2 reason to quit cigs behind the health benefit reasons.

  8. Look up the boulder rock. $10 for the device pods are like $6 for 2. Each pod lasts me 1.5-2 weeks minimum and I was a pack a day smoker. I order from the electric tobacconist

    25mg nic salt.

  9. Still vaping with your Blu? With all the recent news about people getting sick with collapsed lungs and even dying due to vaping, are you concerned about possible health risks? Are you cutting back?

  10. The alto is also amazing its new so not many people know about it. After 7 months out they came out with 2.3% tobacco an said soon be 0% also. I have had 7 months did not expect quit smoking an did they having special online right now they have never leaked on me the battery last all day.My blu is in the way i only ordered it because it was $1 online

  11. Hey buddy I've googled how to get vape film off wide screen TV clueless any advice? Ps
    Great reviews⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  12. Just realized Blu has more to offer when it comes to juice and battery lol juuls battery is 250mah , Blu battery is 350Mah

  13. Put your pods in the fridge. as long as they are cold, they never leak. if you leave in hot places then leak

  14. Cynical Mikey Hi, I'm glad and cheered by the way you looked at the company's ethos as well as the product. Commercialization is about 'fuck us over and sell us more'.

    You're not cynical, you're realistic. Thanks

  15. Neon dreams tastes like gummy bears. It's a good discreet cheap device I'm thinking of reusing the pods with better juice

  16. There is no such thing as being "hooked" on nicotine. Just because a bunch of attorney's across the USA shook down the tobacco industry for 30 billion dollars in 1994 didn't stop the production and distribution of cigarettes. The ATF didn't stop the tobacco industry and were silent. Nicotine is a psychologic mind stimulant like caffeine. Opiates, heroin and cocaine may require counseling and medical treatment but not nicotine. Some people just have an addictive personality more than others. It's all subjective. It won't be long before the overreaching US Congress regulates nicotine vaping. There not really interested in you quitting, they just want the federal tax levy.

  17. I quit smoking almost 4 years ago, after smoking for 34 years, using a brand of e-cigs called NIC-MAXX. I was able to totally quit in 3 days, & I used NIC-MAXX for about 2 years, was almost totally off of them. I tried vaping with a fancy vape, but didn’t like the flavors. Now I use a JUUL, & I vape way more than I ever smoked! 😳I love mango & mint. I’m trying to get off JUUL, & I bought this BLU vanilla e-cig. I like it, & could probably quit JUUL using it, but the only thing I don’t like is they run out too fast for the price. I haven’t tried the BLU Pod system- I’ll have to see. I’m pretty sure JUUL is going away next year. I don’t see how it’s going to pass FDA approval with all the negative news coverage.—
    **Oh, wait- this isn’t the one I tried- I tried the disposable BLU. I have to try this one.

  18. also be vary carful not to drop it because the pod wont go back in the same and u might have to buy a new battery

  19. Dude, adopting a new bad habit in order to quit a previous one hardly any works best for any body. It's a never ending vicious cycle that keeps bringing you back to point zero.
    Instead you better try and adopt some good habits, like working out, outdoors activities, practicing mindfulness etc 
    I'm quite sorry for your relapse, and i do hope you will do better this time !
    Good luck

  20. 24mg or 2.4 nic is far from zero lol.. u have no clue dude… about app pods will leak if in alot of heat. there sealed with glue.. but the new v2 pods don't leak as bad.. and that isn't leaking what he showed that is condensation

  21. Theres so many pod systems you can refill with what ever flavor u want and he gets a bluu pen thing🤦‍♂️

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