Dr. Michael Greger | Vegan Infants, CBD, SIBO, Nut Controversy, too much Fiber? etc.

1:00 I’m sure you heard about CBD oil. It’s currently really popular and claims to have incredible health benefits. Could you share your opinion on CBD? (Hemp …


  1. I just pre ordered his book on Amazon. They dont charge you until Dec 10th but you can put it on pre order now. The reason you want to pre order is these pre orders count towards the first week of orders, which can help Dr Gregors book become a BEST SELLER, and hopefully #1 on the list. If his book goes #1 he gets many interviews and exposure, thus helping to get the message out there! So PRE ORDER people! 🙏

  2. I have been a whole foods vegan for four years and i still suffer from near constant gas and bloating. was hoping this video could help me 🙁 had to give a thumbs down

  3. Excellent interview! I love your interviews with Dr. Greger and find them a lot more informative than his Live Q&A's because you pick such great questions!! And you're both very engaging to watch. Yours are actually my favorite Dr. Greger interviews. Love that you keep them coming! Oh and I had to edit this in, your skin looks amazing! You're a great example of a WFPB vegan diet and what it does even for our physical appearance.

  4. Just a small reminder: Not all buddhist think like this (concerning onions and garlic). There are so many different buddhist lineages and many are appreciating garlic and onions. Most buddhist eat onions and garlic, like in tibetan buddhism.

  5. Weißt du wo genau Dr. Greger Anfang Mai in Berlin seinen Vortrag hält? Da würde ich wirklich auch sehr sehr gerne hingehen :-).

  6. What a joke. He doesn't even no anything about Sibo but still critizise ex-vegans for quitting the diet because of that. Truly a legend of vegan cherrypicking.

  7. ask dr greger why i cant get a boner on wfpb high carb organic selfcooked 0% garbage foods but if i eat animal protein i get a boner half an hour later or so

  8. Ask about the science showing benefits of seafood consumption please.

    Is a high ALA intake sufficient for all people to obtain optimal or sufficient EPA/DHA?

  9. the guy with the pulse wave thingy actually tested not "just nuts" but compared them to high carb meals and came to his conclusions that way

  10. I have an question about soy for babies. Maybe someone who reads this knows that. I wanna know at which age a baby can eat soy products? I heard that babies shouldn't eat soy milk, etc. ??

  11. My Q is for people who are low in ferratin, how can they eat a plant based diet if their body isn't absorbing the iron (they eat lots of vitamin C & Bs).

  12. 23:26 So he's suggesting 2 million years of evolution didn't change anything to our physiology and that we should eat leaves and fruits all day long like chimps and gorillas? Why then do we have a digestive tract that is closer to one of a carnivore, about 5-6x our body length, a short colon, no caecum and a stomach pH of 1.5 which is really really acidic, like most carnivores. Our digestive tract is very different from the one of our closest relatives.
    Only taking into account the first 90% of our evolution and ignoring the last 10% were we evolved a lot, is very dishonest and misleading.

  13. That was a very good selection of questions. I hate it when people get Dr. Greger's valuable internet time and ask him "How did you get into WFPB research?" or "What do you eat in a day?" Just because he discusses those topics in every presentation already up on the internet. Vegains and his viewers come up with really good questions.

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