Dr Fuhrman Responds to Harsh Criticism About His Character and Work

Yesterday, I had an ask-all, tell-all interview with Dr. Fuhrman to open up some of the criticism he is facing lately and give him another platform to spread his …


  1. What I have learned from Dr. Fuhrman without paying him a dime has saved my life. I have free soft copies of his books which he generously added to pdf drive for people to download freely. The criticisms can only be stark-naked jealousy. Dr. Fuhrman, may your shadow never grow less.

  2. I love that Dr. Fuhrman is appealing to EVERYONE – not just vegans.  He wants EVERYONE to live a healthier lifestyle.  Thanks to him, eating meat twice a week (as opposed to 3 times a day) has made such a difference in my life.  This is a sustainable way for me to eat.  If everyone on this planet listened to Dr. Fuhrman, there wouldn't be the need for so many doctors.  Keep doing what you're doing, Dr. Fuhrman. You are an extraordinarily brilliant doctor and I appreciate you.

  3. I tried Dr. Fuhrman one summer and liked his program. I am, however, very disappointed with Dr. Fuhrman.
    I believed he tried to piggy back on Dr. Campbell's work to advance his own financial interests. I wish that hadn't happened. I no longer trust Dr. Furhman.

  4. This mans heart for people has brought 18 years of blessings and knowledge to my home, thankyou Dr. Fuhrman

  5. I've been around the whole food, plant based world for 30 years, running the gamut from all raw vegan, macrobiotic, Mcdougall high starch, super low fat, no oil, and nutritarian. In all of that time, experience and study, I always come back to Dr. Fuhrman because he's just the smartest person in the conversation. High starch, no oil and low fat locks my gut up and causes IBS for me. IMO, the very low fat vegans do not look as healthy as Dr. Fuhrman. I do eat some oil, as it keeps my gut working really well (olive oil in hummus a little bit, sometimes on salad, and avocado oil for sauteing sometimes), but ALWAYS focused on nutritarian principles. Also I LOVE how he talks! So refreshing to listen to a really intelligent person, but then I'm a science person (medical profession). Don't change a thing!

  6. Dr. Fuhrman is a boss! He takes no prisoners. If you want a watered down eating style that placates your meat cravings, he's not for you. But if you want the straight up honest truth as far as we know, he's your guy. He doesn't make you wait until the end of his book to give you the goods. He tells you up front what's up, and then backs up his points. Thank you Dr. Fuhrman for no bullshit. And thank you for not apologizing for the truth.

  7. Hope i will have a chance to ask dr fuhrman regarding if can go nutritarian but eating 4x a day. I am recovering from ed though im physically recovered mentally still theres a bit of this bulimia in me that every-time i eat a big meal like salad for lunch snd feel full, its like i cant stop eating and will eat everything in sight and remove it from my body through Purge or workout. Also every-time i eat the overnight oats for breakfast it seems doesn’t make me feel full longer that i need to snack on something. I copy the vegetarian plan of dr. Furhmann to have a bit of protein tostabilise my blood sugar.

  8. I love Dr. Fuhrman!! The reason they are mad at him is because he's educating and helping people. If the hysterical medical industry was doing so good, then people would improve on their toxic medications and they don't….they get worse. They don't want us to be conscious and healthy because it messes up their bottom line. Keep teaching Dr. Fuhrman!! #MinisterOfWellness is doing the same thing for black Americans and people who are insane food addicts have an issue with him, too, but I love his work!😊😊👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💗💗💗

  9. Years ago after reading Eat To Live and implementing Dr. Fuhrman's concepts ang getting into great shape and losing 50lbs of weight, I began to let others Ideas creep into my head. Namely Dr. Campbell's and McDougall's & Engine 2 advice which allowed for more grains. That was the beginning of the end and I put all the weight back on and then some. Needless to say I'm back on Dr. Fuhrman's plan for good this time and not listening to any others.

  10. Well, I for one need fear mongering! Thank you Dr. Fuhrman for teaching (scaring) me into facing reality and my health issues. Change is not easy!!!

  11. Dr. Fuhrman is an amazing doctor of naturopathic medicine; an advocate of using high nutrient foods to keep healthy and stave off disease. Anyone who criticizes him is jealous of this man who has helped so many people.

  12. Dr Furhman has doctored studies to sell his products, such as DHA/EPA. He has also sold expensive tests that were worthless. He has manipulated a study on his weight loss and used Dr T Colin Campbell, falsely changing his status to a lead researcher. Dr. Campbell sent a letter to the journal documenting Furhman’s fraud and requested disassociation from the article. I think he has a great theory, but his misconduct is unacceptable and has a negative impact on his credibility. I wish this interviewer asked more specific questions regarding misconduct. For further information and proof, check out VegSource. He proves Furhman’s misconduct; it’s not just opinion. Furhman cannot be trusted- literal proof is on VegSource. I have followed Dr Furhman for years and did not want to believe it. VegSource provides irrefutable proof. Yes, we have a right to view the evidence, just don’t use Furhman’s studies as evidence. Please check out VegSource.

  13. Do you know how much good you’ve done for us. You talk to us the way our mothers or fathers would have talked to us. You love us. And we love you.

  14. The man spends his life perfecting life saving information and some petty trolls jump him for a stupid mistake from over 10 years ago? That is appalling. He has the patience of a saint.

  15. My younger Sister and Brother in Law follow a Plant based diet and Mary her name suggests I watch Dr. Joel Furhman's videos. An excellent interview!

  16. Dr. Fuhrman in my opinion provides the best nutritional advice and cares about people's health: We have one life, one body, once opportunity to get it right~
    BRAVO for putting out so much great information in an effort to help others!!
    I do not fault him for making a living by offering services/products.

  17. i am not a fan of Jeff. He is always going on and on about somebody, never knows when to give it a rest. He has videos He is still selling that has Dr. Fuhrman in them. If he dislikes him so much why is he still selling them.

  18. I appreciate the positivity of this interview. Dr. Fuhrman has made huge positive contributions to the healthy lifestyle message and I’m glad he has opportunities to tell his side of the story. I would like to see leaders in the healthy lifestyle movement be supportive of one another, even if at times it means they “agree to disagree.” Healthy lifestyle is helping so many people live better lives. I don’t like seeing accusations & divisions. I loved this interview. Thank you for posting it!

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