Don’t Use Marijuana Before Age 25, Surgeon General Warns | TODAY

With many states legalizing marijuana, the U.S. surgeon general issued a rare advisory, warning adolescents against using the substance because their brains …


  1. Patent # 6630507 was issued by the government department of health and human services maybe the surgeon general needs to read it!

  2. Just saw the other day where a study showed that the same cannabinoids in cannabis are found in a mothers breast milk ,but they don't want you to have it before age 25? Lol How stupid is that?!

  3. Don't use marijuana, support the alcohol industry instead, we need to make money on your having fun. This has been the official government policy for over 80 years.

  4. I started using when I was 37 years old. Best decision ever. Diabetes free and more smarter. My A1C use to run above 12. Needles, metformin and other diabetes pills was my day. Thanks to a plant, i havent seen a doctor or had to inject myself with a needle in many puffs. Gods green plant.

  5. All their responses are perfect examples of nonsensical, dopey, impaired thinking- and indications of their uneasiness, weakness, confusion and drug-induced self-delusion.

    Confused logic: Connecting to yourself has no real meaning. You can learn more about yourself with a clear head. You're a different person when your on weed, so how can weed help you connect to you when you are not really you?

    Anxiety (uneasiness) due to lack of social connection: "Feels like a hug". He is suffering from human touch deprivation. He needs to be more social. Get hug from a friend, relative or romantic partner more often.

    Confused logic: Why drive a car or cross the street. Again, his logic is confused. He is making an unfair, lop sided, apples and oranges comparison. He is comparing activities that are necessary to making a living to an activity that is unnecessary and recreational. He is so deluded by weed that he doesn't understand that driving a car and crossing the street are things we simply have to do on a daily basis to get to our jobs. Weed is not necessary. He's ability to rationalize seems to be impaired.

    I used to teach college. I wish I could do an actual rigorous study, but my B and C students seemed more like the D and F kids I went to school with in terms of their ability to reason and perform basic math.

    I think weed also has deleterious effects on the brain after 25 and may be linked to brain disease associated with old age.

  6. I’m sober for 3 months and I’ve been smoking marijuana since my sophomore year in high school regularly. The reason why I stoped smoking is I’ve noticed all these effects listed in by the researchers. At 20, i lack paying attention in classes or having a normal conversation,or recalling things sometimes. Lastly my brain irritates paying attention somehow.

  7. Hahah we’ll you know is was a military doctor who mess up my hand for the rest of my life. You really expect me to believe anything coming from him. This is ridiculous.. I don’t used it at all but what is your point exactly? 🤦‍♀️

  8. Folks on drugs lose empathy. You can tell this from the comments. It's 10 times harder on the lungs than smoking tobacco. For anyone to comprehend all dangers they need to be clean & sober for at least 30 days.

  9. Well media, especially tv shows targeted towards teenagers need to stop glorifying weed and alcohol!! I have never tried weed, never will and very proud! 😎😎

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