Decriminalized Marijuana is NOT Legal Marijuana – Lawyer Explains the Difference

MERCH: All sorts of people get confused by the language of decriminalization and legalization. Marijuana legalization is …


  1. You should explain the difference between homicide in the criminal content vs. homicide in the medical examiner/coroner context. It kills me when people like TYT cite the medical "homicide" as dispositive of criminal action.

  2. That almost silent music underneath was distracting, I had to check if it was really coming from the video. I don't feel it was proper "use", I would prefer no music when you are speaking.

  3. Weedsplaining the Interwebs;

    Illegal : Pigs arrest you and steal your stash
    Legal: Pigs share a joint with you
    Decriminalised: Pigs steal your stash but don't arrest you, then go off to get stoned on your weed

    Pig searches always come up positive because the swine carry a stash with them just in case you didn't have any. We've all seen how this stuff goes down

  4. It's worth mentioning that some states have full legalization. Mostly west coast states I believe. In those you can walk into a marijuana store and pick up a bag of magic brownies or a couple joints.

    It usually also comes along with a massive tax. Funny thing is… they have a hard time telling between taxed weed and home grown. Do with that information what you will libertarians.

  5. Just move a few miles north. It's legal up here. It's the only thing Trudeau did right. And then the Provinces went and screwed it up but making it a government monopoly. Still, i can go to a store, buy it for about the same price i would've when it was criminal, and wave at the cops while i smoke it openly, and water the weed plant in my front yard

  6. If you didn't hear a sweeping assertion about how 50% of the legal community is wrong about something every dozen minutes, are you even listening to a Rekieta video?

  7. i always thought decriminalizing meant – we're to lazy to charge you with anything, unless you really piss us off

  8. Honestly – not really a subject I care about . . .just here to support the new format. Honestly, subject pisses me off. Same people who will talk out of one side of their mouth pushing for legalization, push the second hand cigarette smoke and dangers of vaping out of the other…just annoys me.

  9. What a bunch of double talk non-sense! I mean I'm really not for pot legalization (recreational that is) but that's ridiculous! To me "it all depends on how the cop feels" borders on corruption, like Mexico is spreading Northwards. So what's next, carrying a 20 dollar bill in your shoe to bribe someone?

  10. The addition of the foreword before the intro and the low musical beat during the video itself were really nice additions to your video

  11. @Rekieta Law Nick why are you boomering this so badly? Why did you follow the lead of the liar mainstream media and call K2 what they do: "synthetic marijuana" K2 garbage is an entirely different synthetic compound which is complete garbage and has no relation whatsoever to cannabis… It is not a synthetic cannabinoid, there are no cannabinoids in K2, it's entirely a different thing altogether! They would like to paint cannabis with a bad brush hence why they conflate garbage synthetic completely different compound K2 with our medicine cannabis, but it's unwise for us to allow them to do so especially when it has nothing to do with cannabis or cannabinoids AT ALL! That would be like if you synthesized an entirely new compound and also called it 'synthetic marijuana' and it also has no connection to the cannabis plant nor any of the cannabinoids contained within it! It's purely a false representation of what that synthetic compound actually is… There is only one cannabis plant and the cannabinoids contained within it are unique and complex enough that they currently and maybe never will be able to be replicated synthetically in a lab due to the tendency of pharmaceutical companies only able to synthesize a single cannabinoid for example THC at at time and even the actual synthetic THC drug does not even compare to natural grown cannabis! This is because there's a lot more magic to cannabis than just THC there are tons of cannabinoids contained within the plant that all work together with a synergistic effect which is where it's medicial properties come from. Attempting to separate 1 or 2 single cannabinoids out of the plant and thinking that's all you need is a mistake and an ignorance and lack of understanding of what actually provides the medicinal value! The mechanism of how cannabis works is only partially understood, there is much more to learn of how the synergy of the cannabinoids work together to create it's potent medical benefits! So eventually once that is more completely understood they may be able to synthesize an actual form of cannabis that has all the desired medical benefits, but it is not actually required to get them… You just have to consume all the cannabinoids within the plant and let it work it's magic… The only reason it would want to be known exactly how it works is so pharmaceutical companies can profit of of it which isn't required or merely in the search of knowledge just to know the exact mechanism of how it all works together! But if can't be learned if you are looking in the wrong direction: Working with cannabinoids in isolation rather than all together! Hope that clears things up for you Nick!

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