Colorados example previews issues with legalized marijuana

For all the back-slapping and applause as Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker signs legalized marijuana into law Monday, local law enforcement is bracing for problems that …


  1. Compare cannabis to alcohol related statistics and then lets talk.All bullshit is what i hear in this report

  2. if u have a medical card u can grow 5 plants..
    no card, no plant rights..
    funny they are breaking federal laws to legalize it and making laws so i can't grow pot

  3. most blackmarket pot really comes from new jersey, british columbia, michigan or california..
    alsi if a quater of pot 7grams costs $90-$100, if the state charges to much people will go elseware

  4. I wonder why they don't want it legal ohh I know because they won't be able to arest you and it make the police quota just more harder.

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