Bernie Sanders policy director unveils new plan to legalize marijuana

Bernie 2020 National Policy Director Josh Orton breaks down the campaign’s marijuana legalization plan. About Rising: Rising is a weekday morning show with …


  1. "Gun Violence linked to marijuana usage …" only exists because it is an illegal substance which is dominated by the black market, who use violence regularly to enforce their own economic gains. The same gun violence was rampant relative to alcohol markets during prohibition.

    Saagar, I am very disappointed in this apparent lack of logical correlation.

  2. "It's not a War on Drugs. It's a War on Personal Freedom. Let's keep that in mind at all times." -Bill Hicks

    Libertarians, Left or Right, Unite.

  3. Canada has legalized Cannabis, I suffer with a terrible disease which causes chronic pain everyday. I know longer take prescribed pain killers only Cannabis now. It has truly saved my life. Nothing has changed here in Canada, There are no accidents or people being crazy like the right would make you believe. Stop the stigma of this medication called Cannabis. Legalize it especially for the suffering! You are a blessing for millions Bernie!

  4. Pretty shocked Saagar hold this view on a progressive news show. He said we need to study it more before its legalized? This is a right wing talking point. You cant study it BECAUSE its illegal. Researchers have to jump so many hoops all because its a scehdule 1 controlled substance. If it was legal, if anyone could get it with no hurdles to hop over you would see way more research published because more researchers can obtain it. And really? "Condemned to legalization"? So its better that we have this product with no oversight sold on the street to anyone who knows who to talk to (its not hard to get a plug) and the product could be spiked with other drugs and grown with harmful pesticides and easily sold to youth. Regulations exist to make things safe. Leaving this the same endangers the public more than it protects them for it. This was absolutely pathetic.

  5. The people in the comments are why even more reasonable conservatives think "liberals" are so unreasonable.

  6. Marijuana related murder? Dude wtf are you talking about. I'd love to see the mental gymnastics used to get to that conclusion. We're they murders related to marijuana in non legal states connected to the cartel/gangs?

  7. Saagar you are a total dumb ass when it comes to herb & you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. You probably get paralyzed & freak out on weed, which makes you the last person who should be weighing in.

  8. When Saagar got stupid, I gave a thumbs down and stopped watching. He's an idiot without Crystal keeping him on a leash.

  9. Studies have actually show that teen use doesn't rise with marijuana decriminalization. Also it's widely known that any substance can harm a pregnancy and mother's shouldn't use anything while pregnant. Where does this guy get his information?

  10. And all respect I had for Saagar as a sensible voice on the right evaporates. Marijuana use is linked to schizophrenia? What a silly silly man. That is so stupid and frustrating I can’t even find words.

    Elizabeth Warren is a Corporatist Liar!!!
    Long Live the Hand That Wields Oathkeeper!!!
    Corporate Socialism Sucks!!!
    We are all children of the subjugated!!!
    Sanders 2020

  11. Strike it from the books, is the best way to go, says a friend of mine's brother. Makes most sense considering reregulating from square 1 is clear and not confusing, making an opportunity to mess with it in legislative process

  12. It would be so great for senior citizens, and eventually everyone, if Medicare covered cannabis based medications. It would reduce, possibly eliminate, the use of opiates, antidepressants, anti-anxiety, etc. That said, big pharma will wage the war of wars to keep that from happening.

  13. Saagar sounds downright insane concerning marijuana. I mean, just when I start to have a modicum of respect for the guy, he goes off on this nonsensical rant against weed. Not a word he uttered was based in empirical fact.

  14. I'm totally ok with Saagar's POV. We know he's republican, and what's so great about this show is that we get to see issues talked about by people with differing views, without mud slinging! They're having proper discussions and you can see that they usually agree on diagnosing a problem or dissecting an issue, but not always on how to solve it etc… We should all get off our high horses, and instead of bashing those who don't see things as we do, have discussions as to you why we see things differently…maybe we'll find we have more in common than we realize…

  15. Marijuana dispensaries have saved several small towns here in CO. Also the numbers show that DUI/DWI's haven't increased like the critics were arguing. Plus opiate issues have decreased here because Marijuana is a natural pain killer; my own doctor told me to get edible marijuana products after neck surgery. Now CO wants to legalize on-line gambling and shrooms to make extra tax money. Better to have honest shop owners sell marijuana and shrooms, then let dealers do it. Saagar needs to look at states that have legalized, all the arguments have been proven wrong. #Bernie2020

  16. This is the first time I've seen Saagar fall prey to right wing idiocy. Marijuana murders?! Come on!

    What a square!

  17. Was I teleported 10 years into the past? I though we were moving past these outdated anti-marijuana propaganda talking points.

  18. damn Saagar, I know you're a conservative, but you're also young. I would think you wouldn't buy so easily into the anti-pot propaganda. Hope your mind changes on this subject when you see how well legalization works.

  19. According to Saager we must immediately make lead illegal. And diamonds, which are dangerous if swallowed. And do pregnant women understand that they shouldn't set themselves on fire?? We must immediately ban kitchen stoves!!! (Seriously, what's this guy doing here?)

  20. Bernie Campaign, please have Josh Orton out in the media explaining the new policies more often. He is so specific and concise and uses powerful, convincing language with FACTS. He's amazing! Let him talk about the other plans for the people, PLEASE.

  21. Saagar probably never smoked weed in his life lol. Bro it's a medicinal plant used by humans for thousands of years and in the history of plant no human has ever died. It's the best pain management alternative plant drug and a lot safer than pills, alcohol and cigarettes obviousl. It helps with my anxiety

  22. Saagar has textbook case of cannabis deprivation syndrome. I advise some heavy indica. Hey Saagar, we have an endocannabinoid system for a reason. Low info pundits must be trained to do do research, or get another job. Cannabis is a healing plant medicine, as all natural medicines were before monetized, synthesized, corporatized and toxified! 🤢

  23. Only Bernie could find a way to legalize marijuana that costs the federal government $50 Billion. Although I will give "credit" to the province of Ontario in Canada for finding a way to lose over $30 Million U.S. selling marijuana in the first fiscal year of legal weed.

  24. I don't get it.. why does mj have to be "safe for public consumption" for it to be legalized? isn't the issue that adults have the right to do what they see fit with their own body and mind?

    sugar isn't "safe for public consumption". yet it is freely available in most stores…

    also… having it criminalized ensures a black market for it… which will be mitigated by legalizing

  25. Saagar worried about the health risks of legalized cannabis but has no problem with the health risks of alcohol or tobacco? Does not compute.

  26. He is necessary, without a second opinion, even if we violently disagree with him, their show would become like MSNBC or Fox. That's the problem now, we are not considered intelligent enough to think for ourselves. So, MSM tells us what to think. We need all sides even if the other side is totally wrong as long as all sides are presented.

  27. If that clown on the right believes that marijuana causes mental disability then he is obviously mentally disabled. What a perfect example of a human clown shoe

  28. Alcohol.. kills millions.
    Saagar: ya that’s fine. Prohibition is silly.

    Weed.. kills no one.
    Saagar: What about the marijuana murders?!

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