Aurora Cannabis CCO Cam Battley, RavenQuest BioMed & Alan Brochstein – Midas Letter RAW 165

Midas Letter RAW highlights the stocks and stories to watch in the Canadian markets today. James West and Humble Howard Glassman provide comprehensive …


  1. Hey guys your doing a great job. Love the hosting, content, new studio setup. Production quality is really moving up. Small pieces of advice, ya need a bit more light overall, its all a bit dark. Also some better color grading; your a bit too orange. Not Trump orange but color is a bit off. Keep up the great work. Thanks

  2. Bringing in some quality people to handle whats coming NEXT. You know something BIG is coming. Did anybody notice the BIG BLOCKS being purchased at the closing ??? The stock started going up at the close and the MMs pulled it down for 2 431,620 blocks @ 7.06

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