1. great video. I just purchased a black one for $20 from my smoke shop. so far so good. it has nice weight to it.

  2. great review, but you need to work on counting clicks. you looked like a toddler playing mortal combat. 1…2…3. say it with me. 1…2…3

  3. Many of my friends have gotten these now and love them. I originally borrowed my friend's blue model for about a month until I purchased my black model. There is now a Red, Blue, Rose Gold, and my Black model in the group. Everyone loves theirs and recommends them. The battery life is wonderful, lasts me a week to 2 weeks with moderate use. The size is PERFECT! It fits in the palm of your hand and really isn't much bigger than the iPod shuffle it resembles. I love the fact I can discretely carry it in my pocket, concealed in the very nice felt pouch. Also, the cartridges hit much better on this than normal cheap pens. I normally leave mine on yellow or red.

  4. Sooo I have a one of these it came with it’s own to fill with oil and a wax cartridge how do I use the wax adapter?

  5. Just bought mine last night and when I woke up it's not working I tried charging and cleaning it, also tried using a different cart, the light won't even turn on

  6. Just purchased one today at my local Vape shop and after just a couple of puffs, I'm happy. I have a Exus Vaporizer, which I like, but it doesn't take the thicker cartridges. The size, as stated in the video, is about the size of the original Apple iPod. At $25 it was a good choice.

  7. thanx for the vid!! been looking for a small vape with a better battery.. most of them are weak.. i usually see the small vapes n iMinis are 500mAh. just ordered this one. hopefully it's good. ive tried a few other ones from ebay n they only last for a month or so..

  8. Mine is stuck on red and the voltage won’t go down 🙁 I’ve only had it a month ! HELP. I click and click. 3xs, 5xs and it chargers as normal but the voltage is stuck!!

  9. I charged this for now 10 hours and now every time I try it it just keeps blinking and won’t let me hit anymore.

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