1. Hi Grande Grower, can I have your seeds? I would like it very much and I would be honored to cultivate it. I am in Italy though ……. is it possible? Thank you very much and congratulations on your work

  2. I wish you didn't have a plant count so you could do a 15 plant Pheno hunt sog or something with your seeds. So we can actually see what they put out. Good job justin. Been watching you since I first watched youtube. Thanks for all the hard work

  3. Why did you do a open pollenation? Youvare gonna have hundreds of thousands of seeds now 😂 I jus keep my males in separate tents, then milk the pollen and apply with a brush to a few select tops.. u get more than enough seed that way with out it getting out of control

  4. so fun to look at, those are gonna be some smackin ass crosses! Bravo sir, great successful round of pollination.

  5. Hey my favorite channel. I use my 2×4 rapid led set up in two tents. Using three in a 2×3 tent and tailing my last light into a 27"x27" tent. Medical og kush and gelato clones. Rapid LED, "killing the game"

  6. I got all the strikes removed because youtube made an “error” so I decided to upload this here! Fight the power!! We can win!

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