1. I got 42 oz dried flower off 2 12 gallon pots nice stuff. Gotta start late with that coco though it grows to fast

  2. Once u cut them in half but control becomes key. I throw mud in them stem holes and coat stems in dirt. It worked.
    Good job dalo man u sure ur not from ct. Man u grew them out.

  3. Sucks to see a little bud rot. Maybe a worm or something in it. That one that had those nice fresh pistols still could be three weeks out. Beast mode… Gentics..unknown.🙃👽🖒

  4. Won't cutting a bunch of it down and letting the rest go, won't that stunt the rest and make it not worth letting them go????

  5. I am new to this and did i read right that this is second harvest off these plants? That's crazy. Great job my friend

  6. Hey buddy great vid, would love some videos of the dried/cured product when its done doing its thing, sure alot of other people wou;d like it too, take it easy

  7. Just got into learning how to grow and plan to move to Michigan in a year and a half. Do you have any big no no to do when you grow?

  8. You considered boxing that blugese off with some plastic and a heater and letting her go? That things a beast.

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