1. I am on day 2 of quitting weed, i am vegan i now need to be sober, wish me luck, i have been abusing Cannabis for years over 10 i can not live like this, i have not felt real emotion since age 13

  2. I’m on day 15 And I’m starting to enjoy the benefits of not smoking. More money in the bank account, More mentally clear and confident as well.

  3. good vibes good convo an u r right . balance is key . let me know if u make it 2weeks then u good…..lol u keep it real

  4. Dope thought bro… Self awareness is strong within you… You are completely correct as it relates to the specific differences between connections and attachments… Weed is a love of mine as well yet i never took the time to see that perspective… Thank you… You are on to something, so please share your findings after this initial experiment… Also i would appreciate you to expound on the details of that figure you seen in your slip/sleep… I for one believe that the "dream world" is the REAL plane of existence since that is where all conscious is connected to one another as well as the source and or the MAINFRAME if you will… Thank you for these videos… It is lonely on this path… Keep it up

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