1. A really cool plant type to grow. Even in containers it can be an excellent companion plant and/or strong grow. We love it so much over here since it goes so far. When we want some it is always on the counter or somewhere in the yard. Pulling one up we plant like 3 cloves and use the rest for a meal or two. Even some planted at odd times will show up and rarely fail out and there is always more to get going. Thanks for the share!

  2. Awesome video. We planted a bed of garlic 3 years ago. We haven't had to replant it since. We have so much we have to give it away.

  3. One clove of garlic = as much as I can possibly get in there 😂 Garlic is an amazing crop. And good job raising your kids in the garden! It is awesome to see little ones exploring outside.

  4. A crop I still haven’t grown and use so often. I so need to grow garlic. I can’t get enough of it. I’d be down to grow different types. I want to try black garlic. Well done brother.

  5. Garlic is definitely a great thing to grow. It's interesting once you start growing and finding out all the different varieties of vegetables there are.

  6. I'm new nice to meet you I'm in Ontario Canada…. I plant my garden in every garden to keep bugs down…. Me and my mom started doing this at home in her flower garden when we had a garlic sprouting in the house we would plant it around her roses to confuse the bugs that want rose smelling food will have to pass a garlic plant to get it so bug deturant not to kill them but we like to think it helps….. It is a pain tho weeding the grass out of the garden and oops it was garlic not grass….. The garlic will forgive you tho just plant it back or eat it…..

  7. Having kids in the garden can be a hindrance, but is always a blessing! I love to see the look on their faces when they try new things. My son was in love with green beans and peas this year, and my daughter is always in the cucamelons and tomatoes. Thank you for sharing.

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