Untangling this mess! Cannabis oil deliveries? Stricter big bike rules! || Phuket

PHUKET XTRA – September 26 || brought to you by PVCPhuket.com Cannabis oil to hospitals |:| Charges for last man seen with model |:| Getting rid of tangled …


  1. Grateful that you have such an interesting show today. So much information in the upload that is relevant and compelling to me.
    Recreational marijuana must happen for Thailand . No one had ever died from marijuana use ever. Many States within the US have made recreational marijuana 100 % legal and the tourism sector of these states has exploded with profits from people enjoying the euphoric experience of cannabis. Beer and alcohol are pure poison to so many people and can't even be compared to marijuana. Drunk drivers kill innocent people across Thailand every single day of the year marijuana users don't drive into families in a car and wipe them out like alcohol users do and alcohol is perfectly acceptable and legal. It stands to reason that cannabis is the future of the party and entertainment industry and Thailand must get out ahead of other countries who make billions and depend on the tourism industry to fund many infrastructure and services for the citizens of Thailand. Thanks

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