The HoneyStick Extreme Wax Atomizer | Vape Tank for Dabs & Concentrates Vaping | Unboxing How-to

Take your Dabs to the Extreme with this amazing wax atomizer. This puppy has a serious quartz triple coil allowing your wax adventure to go very high watt, …


  1. Question for anyone. I just received this tank and I have a SMOK G-priv baby mod. Was wondering how I should run this tank. I think the max wattage on this mod is 85w I really don’t wanna mess this beautiful tank up and also can I put dry herb in the ceramic donut bowl it comes with?

  2. I ordered the extreme last week and after receiving it a few days later than expected (paid 2-day shipping sent priority 3 day ordered Monday before 9am received say)but arrived just as ordered w 5 replacement quartz coils..
    I have the alien 220w mod.
    Set watts @31 for donut @38w for the triple.
    Folks I smoke a g a day for medical reasons w my torch and nail..
    And w this atomizer it just stretches my concentrate I was very medicated yesterday and I only consumed .7g! The ceramic donut tastes way better but that trip quartz is a flat beast!! I mean a mega cloud! I rarely cough from .10 baby dab from torch n nail but this little atomizer from honeystick gets ya by the boo boo!! The fact that no vapor escapes other than what your inhaling means no waste and definitely stretches your product..
    So all that being said despite shipping issues well worth the chedda for the convenience of medicating w pure concentrate without having to add emulsifier
    to make my own carts anymore..
    Thank you Dan big cloud cough Hoff and honeystick crew for an el Fuego product ..
    Dueces from the Mts in VA!!

  3. Have a question for you YouTubers…
    I have the smok alien 220w battery mod..
    Ordered the extreme tank w 5 triple quartz replacement elements..
    Will this mod/atomizer combo work for shatter?
    What watt should I set mod to start w each coil?
    Ty for great videos and looking forward to seeing how the extreme atomizer works

  4. The problem i see with all these tanks are the airflow is below the chamber. It's nice to see there's no holes going to the battery but if there's air flow beneath ur wax is going to find its way through it. He even said if there's any residue between the base and atomizer clean it with iso. Well if you had the wax seperated from the heating element and airflow above the chamber, it wouldn't be a problem. Atmos did it it's not that hard.

  5. Just got it and it’s the real deal! I love it and I’m cranking it at 26 watts. This atomizer is amazing and is absolutely worth every penny!

  6. Why use kanthal? I personally used to like it, but aluminum is a neurotoxin linked to Alzheimer’s and other chronic illnesses. Do you think other coils could be produced as an extra option for this tank. For example, instead of using kanthal made of at least 2 metals that should not be inhaled. could the quartz be wrapped with a type of nickel or stainless steel instead? Its much safer in the long run in my own opinion. I plan on gettin this asap. Can you please tell me the wattage limit for the ceramic coils as well.

  7. Hello

    What wattage range on:
    1. The triple coil?
    2.The ceramic bowl?

    Please do send this info with the tank. Would have helped alot.

  8. Honestly kinda mad that you didnt explain the replacement because it didnt look anything like the one that was in there already

  9. Great video and this looks like a great product. I am looking into dapping cbd wax. Is it worth stepping up to this tank vs the hybrid?

  10. Why didn’t you hit it? Is this a prototype or something? If you’re wanting me to buy a product from you, at least show the full demonstration man. I’ve looked at multiple wax atomizers and all the videos showed them hitting it so I can see the vapor production.

  11. Love the look of this. I use a Sai. Is the mouth piece a regular 810 or 510 sized one or your own proprietary size? I hope it isn't your own size. That's an absolute deal breaker for me. Can't stand the Sai's proprietary mouth piece

  12. Do these need maintenance or eventual replacing? This is something I'm very interested in but don't have a clue about taking care of

  13. Dan, thanks for doing this video. I love honey stick. I have 2 plasmas, 2 cannibus cups, 2 atomizers and I just got the defender. How much difference is that sub ohm versus the defender? I'm a newbie and I don't really understand all the technical stuff. I use your products for my medical needs. I love you and Glecie. Plus you guys are awesome with your Customer Service. I love everything you recommended and can't thank you enough for the gift you sent me. Loyal Customer for life.😍😍

  14. Hey Dan great work!
    I hate that I am too into other things right now I hope I add some VPRB ASAP but so much is happening and I am pretty short on investment money.
    I should put an order in with VapeHoneyStick really is a good example but I am picking other things over even food and drink! I know everyone is going over to BTC and I hope it gives me time to buy more shares….

  15. That's a bad ass tank seriously I totally want one. Durable efficient trifecta of coils it's perfect I also like the magnet idea.

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