The Freedom of Choice – Who Really Determines Your Child’s Health

Wass Goodie?!?! Should we have the freedom of choice when it comes to our healthcare? I ask the question because I came across a story involving a Florida …


  1. I think it was ok for them to take her child off of chemo. Chemo is a horrible, unimaginably painful experience. Just imagine that for a four year old child. There are many cases of cancer killing itself, so the parents aren’t crazy to want to try alternative methods. Also having cancer, and the treatment is extremely extremely expensive

  2. The state is the actual decision maker in matters involving children via contracts. First contract Birth certificate.
    Second contract and supporting contract is with the social security administration legally upon signature.

  3. This is why people who live in eastern counties like Thailand have a higher life expectancy than most of us who live in western countries like the United States of America, these people use herbs and minerals that grow from our earth to treat many illness, diseases and cancers.

  4. She should have said something to her family to find out what she should do before removing her child from the hospital because something could have gotten worther than what the is suffering with and the child could have die and they probably would have locked her up.

  5. The pharmaceutical industry is just as greedy and corrupt as the politicians and senators in our government are. 🤦🏼

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