1. The building facade, minus the clothesline, looks like it's the same one as shown on I Love Lucy.

  2. Steve got drunk? LMAO. There was a later episode where Laura got drunk but this was after they graduated high school. And it was also when CBS decided to pick up the show for one last season. Poor Steve. He didn't even know the punch was spiked.

  3. So Funny Or Die failed to mention even once that Waldo's friend is played by Larenz Tate? What total shitheads.

  4. URKEL got to lead a dance group, yell at the bad guys, get lit, be a victim, get saved, and shit his pants all in the same episode. Tell me the show doesn't revolve around this 'Nerd'

  5. “if you mope around a party and judge people for drinking… you’re being a real dick” yeah that would be true, if they weren’t fucking underage

  6. Ahhh this is so funny how you inform us that the stewardess joke is problematic for obvious reasons. That is why we tune into your comedy, to be lectured to. That is so entertaining and funny. Please don't kill yourself, it would break my heart.

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