Taking my outdoor cannabis to indoor

Adult content,viewer discretion is advised. I bred a ak-47 outdoor this summer,now im going to grow 1-2 plants indoor to see how it turned out. I am just getting …


  1. That sucks so bad man…all that mold. I lost 2 plants die to little furry pests digging up the roots and pissing in my plants.

  2. Why do I need a medical license to buy weed?, When I don't need a license to buy ALCOHOL…

    Especially when alcohol has fatalities under consumption alone.

    #(ck) common knowledge

  3. Cool stuff brotha, big respect, shame about the mould and bugs. it will be great to see you grow indoors 👍💚✌️

  4. If i was you, i would use for the next outdoorsesson autoflower seeds. Because they finish much faster. You can harvest before the wether turns bad. 😉

  5. Damn good LED's out there for high output…waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper on the electric bill.

  6. Always great videos and you can see your passion in every single one, good job and keep it up! sucks about the rain , hopefully things can change but weather ain’t a farmers allies ( you gotta work with it )

  7. I thought I had mold in one of my plants buds but it turned out a few caterpillars crawled into the bud and made cocoons , it was cocoon silk I thought was mold haha

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