1. Fuck weed. And fuck drugs in general. I went through hell for 4 months after smoking weed and taking acid at the same time. Pure poison.

  2. Developed schizophrenia for a while from a hybrid strain. Completely random. Pulled out bi polar disorder that still have. I wouldn't care what kind it was how strong, who gave it to us.. etc. Cbd although has benefits. Medical grade is really the only kind that truly helps with sleep and depression. I had no idea at the time of the harmful effects. I had did it for 2 years without noticable effects until the one certain hit. It was the greatest fear of my life. The thought of suicide would be heaven to the paranoid fears I had at night. Some of it was revealing, but most of the thoughts I couldn't stop. It was alot of illumaniti triggers symbolism etc. It was always around twilight times. But for anyone going to rehab, be careful. They accused me of being a pedophilia / child porn watcher. Where I got this I have no idea. I was taken in a medical room with a 350 lb 6'5"man with a leather belt in his hand asked me if I get off on that stuff. I no idea what to say like they were trying to pin something on me.. out of fear i was unsure what to say, I just said idk with my hands up in the air. He told me to bend over and pull my pants. I was 23 at the time. It was humiliating. Come to think, I think he was the creep. When your in rehab, they take away any ounce of credibility you might have. They try to make you look like a juvenile. Then your game. Any retilation to the pills they give you/ not doing what they tell you, will not be delt with lightly. I had to act my way out of everything, they were doing every little thing they could to trigger me label me this, try to hold me in rehab longer. Those people that work in that facility prey on young kids. They cant hold you for more than a few days, but they won't tell you that

  3. the first time i smoked weed i thought i was gonna die. my heart was beating incredibly fast as if i sprinted for 5km.

  4. i totally empathise with what your going though i was smoking 1.7g a day for over 20 years withdrawing for me was hell i had insomnia depression mood swings anger issues living in london most of my life i have seen really good friends mess up on weed and going to see them in mental health units has woke me up and looking at the horror in there eyes from psychosis to depression and all i can say to youtubers out the going though the same thing is when you go through hell you have to keep going the is light at the over end and whatever it takes to get you there do it even if it means letting go of some friends. i,m old school and back in the day it was hard to get weed it was all hash bars the weed to day is a lot stronger it said in the bible quote (i have given you all the seed bearing plants and herbs to use) that doesn't mean i have crossed breeding plants so fucking strong that it could make a elephant pass out but all jokes aside the weed is getting stronger the beer is getting stronger and this is why you see people having such a hard time getting off this you have one brain and once that is damaged it can be very hard to repair so you guys out there stop putting yourself though it STOP! and don't look back i wish all the best to this guy for putting up this video and i hope all you guys and girls the best with withdrawing peace out.

  5. Those clips are disgusting without sound; makes smoking look painful while im tryna kick the habit + once i smoke i start craving carbs hard… Good vid brother👌🏿

  6. Finally someone who isn't afraid to speak the truth, the negative mental impact marijuana has on people ( close friends and family of mine) isnt talked about enough

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