1. Yes, glory to the Most Hight God! Creator of all things. He made every seed bearing fruit for our good. The herb is the healing of all Nations.

  2. Thats right spi marijuana makes me think deep in to whatever the situation is they had given us the wrong perseption of it, in fact marijuana not only puts your mind in to a open and deep thinking level, it heals the body with pain as well,shit I'm puffin as we speak, writing this coment 💨💨salud🍻

  3. Nov 4th will be 5 years since I quit. After that I stared drinking. Worst thing I could have done. Shit gave me type 2 diabetes!

  4. You can't just put it in the dirt and walk away..that is why all medical top tier shit is indoor..and when you run outdoor there is alot you have to do to ensure that it grows correctly and healthy

  5. I fuks wit Loc I felt bad for strugglin to stop smokin till I heard this I wonder if Loc knows he's a Israelite.the real jews from the bible??

  6. A quic question (otw) open to the world.. If the government legalize (anything) should we trust it? In specific drugs and alcohol

  7. Herbs are to be digested not smoke the fire turns it toxic n unhealthy for ur lungs, brains and causes cancer to multiple areas n other sicknesses. Meditation can give u the same or greater positive effect without the penalties

  8. I can't smoke cuz I get random drug test at work but if I could I would get high as fuck and read the bible so I can trip out on the talkin animals and magic shit

  9. Weed is good for the soul rappers write there best lirics while they smoke.big up spider loc i fucks wit you my brother..

  10. Love your platform…
    Very wise man…
    I could actually converse with brotha like you…. Facts.
    Slaves also brought their way
    Out of slavey from growing hemp..
    At one point hemp was used as paper in the bible…facts…

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