1. Have you looked into your mixing order? It is very very important with salts. it could be the nutrient brand but it also could be your mixing order. Do you put in all the salts at the same time? That would explain your deficiencies.

  2. Hey man, Love that you're back making videos. I'm totally on board with your style of growing. You're clearly a very smart business owner with a strong knowledge of efficiency and what it takes to operate a grow with the bottom line, and your margin always in mind. Can I Please Please recommend you check out @greengenesgarden. Look at his Jacks 3-2-1 and all the information he puts out about nutrients. Reach out to him you may already know him. Seriously for such a good grower the fact you can only grow with Advanced is insanity.

  3. I went old school . Used miracle grow for vegetables and herbs. 1/3 recommend strength. It's salt crystals. Didn't just work good it's the best

  4. I'm not blaming him for being a beginner, it's just sucks for him actually because he doesn't know how to identify basic garden issues. He has to run tests on nutrients, so he's trying to learn 3 different nutrient regiments, learn deficiencies, it's a lot to take in for a beginner and run something that size without someone with more experience. So if you call him your protege treat him like it and be there for him. you don't give a child an algebra book and say here learn this you sit down with him and teach them everything they need to know and then they learn algebra!

  5. You call him your protege. Probably not the right word! It's not crop salt it's your grower! If he can't look at a plant and see what it needs then it's his novice mistakes that are costing you money!

  6. Something like this (Jebao CP-90 Cross Flow Pump Wave Maker) might help keep the sediments suspended so they get removed during watering. I use these in the sump of my reef tank for that exact purpose. Just a thought, good luck with the grow.

  7. Fun Times! Flowering in 2 gals work fine (I like 3 better) but you need to feed 2 or 3 times a day and automate (in coco). That's what is causing your nute problems in veg too.

  8. Surprised you don't like the Tangie smell so fire!!! I need a cut of that lava cake omg

  9. Plants so small 😂 your never gonna get these grows right. Fire your dumbass helper! Its like letting a crackhead watch your kids

  10. Increase the calmag and raise the ph(if the run off is too low) lower the ph of its too high. Easy fix on deficiencies. (The increase of calmag will help with most other intakes.)

  11. I hope ur still taking care of that bug problem. Even though everything seems to be healthy, it only takes 1 microscopic bug to build a huge infestation of it goes unchecked

  12. I don't know what you pay your guys. But I do know if I'm invested in a job $20 out of pocket to keep it is worth it.

  13. Try some house and garden drip clean or slf 100 to assist I think it's more lockout than deficient. I had the same issues with cropsalt until I added these products to the recipe

  14. Seems a bit strange. Jacks 3.2.1 comes in under 800 ppm and is enough to keep them super green all the way though.

  15. Medicropper, love your shows keep up the great work big fan of your work, I suggest that you should add your AN bud igniter a week before you kick you will see development a lot faster and mega stacking i am on my 3rd crop ever but since i was told to try adding it early i sure am happy. go have a look at my 5×9 at day 45 and you be the judge but don't judge the shitty video quality haha

  16. And he should be keeping the soil/coco wet dry pockets or a period of time without moisture will throw defencencys

  17. get some proper nutrients, wont help bumping up the amount.. something will lock out something… APTUS HOLLAND! Youre welcome.. Check it out… SAD to see this shit on your channel man.. you need to step it up, big time.. No trips etc.. IM ON YOU MAN 😀 like a mite xD

  18. 5:20 I think if you drop cyco and move to jacks you be a lot happier I'm at 850ppm clone vegg. 950 flower no problems yet. Did your guy make a batch of nutrients to wash the coco if he just used water to inoculate it it will take a while before the coco turns into a holding cell for nutrients. Best of luck homie

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