Revealing the Mind: The Promise of Psychedelics

Nearly every culture throughout history has used chemicals that alter consciousness for spiritual exploration. In the 20th century these drugs caught the attention …


  1. 27:57 everyone laughs crazily when the guy is talking about religion and psychedelics. Tells you all you need to know. Closed minded rationalist leftists just wanting to get high. So sad.

  2. Don't know how many years until it becomes LEGAL and just what kind of proofs are really needed, obviously it should be LEGAL and coming with warnings and explanation required to the person taking them…the authorities who r leading us thinking that they're stopping like the mental health issues, craziness.. in the world but they don't realised how stupid and mental they're appearing themselves… Just so much to say 😂 ✌
    And I wish there were planet earth 🌍easy to go to, each with its specific people leaving in and what they find good to fucking do… For example : if you'd like to kill or kiss just go in the Earth 🌍 (planet) where its LEGAL to do, n do it and of course everyone will be out of their misery in this planet.
    Oh and a strong(HIGHEST) securities in all of these planets 🌍 🌍 🌍 which will ARREST people of not doing things that are ILLEGAL in that planet

  3. The significant problem with this debate is that it departs from the flawed reductionist assumption that the brain creates consciousness and by confusing cause and effect in such a way, the understanding of psychedelics can only go so far. Only one of the 3 panelists doesn't think that way and he must have been asking why he was invited at all. Talking about phenomenology from a neuroscience standpoint, is like understanding traffic jams by looking at the mechanics of your car.

  4. Cannabis is a lower form of psychedelic 😴🤦🏽‍♂️ she really put opioid n cannabis in the same sentence

  5. What about bipolar😫? I hate being bipolar! I love life . I’m brilliant , but other time i can be less motivated for weeks so I become a hermit.

  6. I understand why medical and scientific professionals speaking publicly would be very parsimonious with their viewpoints on widespread use of banned or controlled substances. That being said, I believe that the criteria for non harmful use of psilocybin are very easily met and that the cultural acceptance of responsible psychedelic drug use for anyone who wants the experience would be an extremely positive thing for society. Doubly so in an age of great technological change and social unrest.

  7. As Politics is concerned about powers they them selves use to control health renewal of not lad but its by products in lower forms mslsd

  8. Humans have been ritualistically throwing live babies in volcanoes for 9000 years too, must mean that's ok too? Sick evil computer simulated world, sick evil computer nerd controlling it. Dumb, boring, evil and cruel. 🖕

  9. The "authorities" want you to be able to be programmed by the propaganda they provide you with in mass media which they spend billions on. They want the masses to serve the foundation who's keeping them rich and keeping people in dept. If you were able to be in the healthy and correct mindset and not involved in the propaganda advertised through celebrities and mass media. You wouldn't be contributing to this slavery machine and would turn the hierarchy pyramid upside down. They want you to be predictive and submissive and DRUNK because only a non-functioning brain can approve this bs.

  10. Greatful to watch such conversations done greatfully, thanks youtube for such library its great such minds on great researches❤️🙏

  11. I heard you say great for opioid abuse, but what about addressing the people who have been kicked off pain management because of a opioid crisis for no good reason? With genuine pain and sufferings. 🤔

  12. "If the Ego has an address it would be located in the Default mode Network" – James Fadiman

    Always loved that quote. There is something profound that happens, once we step out of the DMN. Frankly, I want to live my life removed from the shackles of this DMN.

  13. Been trying to convince my mom (born '52) that wat she was taught was just scare tactics for yrs now. Any help?

  14. Good video but a lot of these scientists think theyve figured it out, but when they realize they cannot speak the message the psychedelics give you, they’ll laugh themselves silly.

  15. One thing that strikes me is that documented instances of telepathy that cannot be dismissed have been observed for 150 years (by Europeans) and no ones talking about it. Clinical experiments that were successful (Masters Phd. and Houston Phd. 1963) were done in the sixties.

  16. What disappointed me about this session on Psychedelics, was some of the speakers were talking academically about which they have studied but not necessary experienced. Mother Ahayausca is a teacher, a conscious living being, and she shows you what you need to know, and about where you need to grow. She shows you truths about the true nature of life, yourself, and of your oneness with it. She shows you are a part of God, and part of her. You are shown that the development of your character, or if you like, the evolution of your self, or ego, is not separate from the development of those you share this life with. You can go through experiences of teaching from many different worlds, and beings, and not always pleasant, but always from what I understand, healing. But for me with my conversations with the love and light from the Sun, was the most profound. How the whole universe is alive, multidimensional, heaven like, exquisitely beautiful, peaceful and loving. This blissful world is more real, than the world you realized you soon would return to. The English language we use, does injustice to describing the wonders and insights, love, timelessness, perfection, and oneness one experiences.
    Thank you God. You spoke to me, a non believing agnostic, and I lost my fear of death, and ended up, thanks to you, at peace with myself.
    Thank you dear Earth and Sun.

  17. As usual white people dominating the entire conversation and implications of psychedelics. One sentence from the shamans who KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT and that's it. And of course they want to REGULATE AND TAX THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYTHING. Like I would ever go to a doctor to use any of those medicines. Our people were using them thousands of years before the white man decided to make it illegal. They know it reconnects one back with Mother Earth and who we really are and the true nature of reality, so they of course must find a way to regulate that or stop it all together.

  18. Liar! The US Controlled substances act was not PASSED by Nixon. He signed it into law. The bill was passed by 2 DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED HOUSES. Democratrs passed that bill. Just like DEMOCRATS killed the Texas supercollider project.

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