Real Talk with Angry Soccer Mom

Tonight’s Real Talk with Angry Soccer Mom is about the first three days of the Amber Guyger murder trial of Botham Jean. She is the police woman who entered …


  1. If I walked into what I thought was my home & found someone on the couch eating ice cream, my 1st impulse would NOT be to pull out a gun & shoot them! 🤯

    I would be momentarily confused, wonder did I open the wrong door, check the door #, then ask if he was in the wrong apt? 🤔
    Then quickly realize the furniture is wrong.. Etc
    Even IF I think they are in my place, I would say so & STILL have no compulsion to kill them. WTF?

  2. Much respect to you. Thank you for speaking out against racism. I agree with a lot of stuff you said.

  3. America has Never changed. The inception of this Corporation it was birthed in Free and Cheap Labor. The point that the Slave Control were later birthed into the Police Department. Until The Moorish Americans are Paid their due this nation will always be in turmoil

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