1. If you have any questions 626-726-5727 text me at your convenience when you're comfortable👋👋👋👋🙊🙉🙈🌴👍👍👍

  2. They have the fabric pots for your situation I recommend 300 gallon fabric pots tan color not black.

  3. In Los Angeles County this is awesome hydroponic store online and you can drive in and purchase items to they're located in the city of Monrovia

  4. Just Google feed store near me, go to the location purchase one hay bale of alfalfa hay $23 out the door

  5. Alfalfa hay bales are only $23 at the feed store there's no excuse for you not to put alfalfa hay beneath your cannabis plant

  6. Great looking start for outdoor thx for sharing checkout my videos I’ll be starting my outdoor season soon checkout my videos and sub thx buddy, hippie jimmy✌️✌️

  7. I think we could do a little bit better with amending your soil with natural nutrients. Check out my video before the last one I just put for some ideas.

  8. i got my seeds popping out of dirt 10 bought seeds and 10 random seeds and soon to buy some auto flowers to have some smoke tell harvest

  9. Nice cant wait i love the raggae dont stop just play with your vids keep that going i love and always searching for rare roots..lol cheers cant wait to see girlys rocking out…much love fam..

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