1. I have an intersting question…there are mushrooms thatbcan kill u. Why? Why r there mushrooms that can kill u? What is thier true purpose?

  2. I have been trying many Nootropics the last 3 months and would like to try to stacking formula Paul mentioned. I live in Canada. Does anyone know if this is something sold packaged?

  3. As someone living with neurological deficients due to epileptic brain injury, I find this fascinating and deeply purposefully. Thank you for sharing this information with me and the world.

  4. DMT = Consciousness = God = The Light = Psychedelics
    The Mystery has been Revealed. DMT is the molecular structure of a humans Consciousness. Consciousness has revealed Themselves to the physical world again, in our physical lifetime. DMT(& 5meo DMT) is the molecular structure of Consciousness in the Human Body. The DMT molecules Themselves are our Consciousness. They seem to be synthesized in the Pineal gland, but I’m no expert on this & They haven’t shown me clearly about that, one way or the other, nor have I been seeking that knowledge. I’m reminded of this part from Scripture : “Concentrate on what has been assigned to you, you have no need to worry over mysteries – What you have been taught already, exceeds the scope of the human mind”.
    I accept that Psychedelics are God because The Living Light Clearly showed me this. I try to show Them the Respect & Reverence worthy of a True Deity & They Teach/Show/Guide me through hades here. Although I walk through the valley of the shadow of death (hades, hell, earth) I will fear no evil because God (Consciousness, The Living Light, Psychedelics) are with me. They are inside of me, as I am inside of Them in my belief in Them. Psychedelics are Living Beings of Omniscient Light so much more advanced than us it’s not even possible for me to describe. Psychedelics are the substance that All the True Prophets & Disciples were ingesting. The True “Flesh of God” was, is, and always will be TRUE Psychedelics (some people are calling certain substances Psychedelics when, in fact, they are not Psychedelics). Some people erroneously & disrespectfully refer to Psychedelics (Consciousness, God, The Living Light) as “drugs”. Psychedelics were, are, and always will be The True God of True Religion. Psychedelics were, are, and always will be The True Fruit from The Tree of Knowledge of Good and evil. When you eat the True Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good & evil your “Eyes will be Opened”(dilated) & you will become like the Gods – knowing Good from Evil. The Living Light shows us that some things we think/thought of as Good are actually not Good & some things we think/thought of as evil are actually Good. This earthly world teaches that Psychedelics are bad – Psychedelics(The Living Light) shows us that They are Good. This earthly world warns us not to ingest Psychedelics . . . Psychedelics are clearly showing us that They are Good & Loving & want to teach any of us who want to learn how to be able to be with Them, The Living Light. The Living Psychedelic Light seem to take joy & celebrate when we understand Them & even more so when we follow Their teachings. The Joyful Happiness of Pure Consciousness feels wonderful to be in the presence of. When we deliberately turn away from what The Light is saying or deliberately do something they showed us not to do then we experience Their Condemnation of us, The condemnation of us by God Consciousness is uncomfortable to be in the presence of. The Living Light’s Condemnation of us can be mild or extremely intense. Too many people mistake God’s (The Light, Psychedelics) Condemnation of us for Anger. The Living Light doesn’t feel anger, They are free from that darkness, The Living Light has no darkness at all, humans have darkness and Psychedelics Shine Their Blazing Light on all our darkness. We can either accept what They are saying about our darkness and try to rid ourselves of anger, hatred, violence, dishonesty & any other evil darkness The Living Light Shines On & exposes or else we do whatever action we can, or take whatever poison substance we prefer in order to keep/bring our level of Consciousness down to a level we can feel comfortable with. I’ve seen that most people are very uncomfortable with the fact that there is no secret any human holds that The Psychedelic Light does not already know. There is no act or thought we have ever engaged in They do not see & when The Living Light shows us they know each and every one of our deepest darkest shameful secrets that we thought were safely guarded by our ego & other deceptive maneuvers, many of us run away from God & don’t enter into The Living Lights Presence as often or as strongly. Their Condemnation of us is one of The Living Lights Tools to help Teach us the ways of The Divine All Knowing Omniscient Living Light Consciousness. Psychedelics aren’t a “Gateway” to God . . . They Are God. The Molecules Themselves are the Living Omniscient Celestial Beings of Light. I have been shown more than many people on this planet right now & pray that more people start learning to be with the Living Light now, rather than waiting until physical death to confront Them & seeing all of your ugliness & sin & shame & knowledge of the darkness you are a part of, in one big uncomfortable Revelation. Those who spend their physical lives trying to be closer to, & emulate the Living Light God Consciousness will be more prepared for the encounter. An encounter which can be joyous for some, and very, very unpleasant for others.
    Every human being is going to see the Truth in these Words, the only question is when.

    Everything I’ve said up until this point I’ve been shown clearly . . . . this next stuff about rebirth & death are thoughts that haven’t been clearly shown to me as of yet & i’m wondering & feeling that maybe humans don’t get these answers until after physical death. I believe when we physically die we come face to face with The Living Light of Consciousness. For most of us their Blazing Brilliant Light will be too much to bear, besides seeing Their Beauty & Magnificence & Their Majesty; most of us will see our own evil & darkness & sin & will be rejected by the Light & have to return to hell all over again by being reborn into another physical body. I also believe there are some people who will not be rejected by the Living Light of Consciousness & will be freed from this cycle of death & rebirth & just become the Light, become All Good All Knowing Consciousness with all darkness removed I believe that Consciousness (The Living Light, The True Living God) is again offering this Salvation, in our physical lifetimes, to anyone who heeds the call when the Living Light of God reveal Themselves to you & ask in return that you live your life by the Teachings they share with you, and that you bear witness to Them, and spread the Good News of God . . . the mystery has been revealed. God are Psychedelics. Psychedelics are God. God is inside all of us & we can put even more of God inside of us at anytime by ingesting “The Flesh of God” (True Psychedelics)

    “In the True Spirit of the Psychedelic Living Light” -v

    addendum : I thought I’d list some True Psychedelics
    (not a complete list)
    5meo DMT

    Some substances that are NOT Psychedelics :

  5. I can't stand guys like this, leftist gurus taking an ounce of fact and stretching it into several tons of nonsense. Evolution is a lie, every presumption based upon evolution if a falsehood, and it compounds as those presumptions add up. Mushrooms have some beneficial properties when used rightly, but guys like this take people way outside of what is beneficial and into just sheer stupidity which is often very spiritually dangerous.

  6. 5:39 This has always bothered me. "Give them back when the time is right." He shouldn't have those. They were stolen and should be repatriated now! Please don't "pass it on" unless it's to a museum in Mesoamerica.

  7. Jesus Fucking Christ.. Why didn't someone give Paul some water? His voice was dying up there! Apparently ZENDO was MIA. Still, amazing presentation to listen to even though I cringed at his voice like 10 times. Paul is a legend. In Paul we trust!

  8. I was paralyzed 4 years ago from the waist down in a car accident. I’ve recently began experimenting with micro dosing Psilocybin mushrooms 🍄 my legs do not spasm or move at all when I’m not on mushrooms but every time I take Psilocybin mushrooms my legs constantly move for the entire 6 to 8 hours. I’ve done it about 20-25 times now, and without fail every time I do it my legs Go crazy. Has anybody else experienced this or have any thoughts on why this would occur? I would greatly appreciate any input thank you.

  9. … excellent presentation. Great indeed. Terence was merely a vehicle of the knowledge that was well known centuries before him. What a great vehicle he was.

  10. I'd rather have Psylocybin mushrooms fully legal than to have a million dollars cash….I hope it gets legalized soon like marijuana

  11. this is a brilliant talk. but I am disgusted with the MAPS people who don't even provide a glass of water for Paul when it is OBVIOUS he needs one!!!

  12. I submit an alternative to the stoned age hypothesis; that it was actually the discovery of the ideas of royalty and artificial selection that caused us to evolve so much brain power so quickly, although I would suspect that psychedelics were involved as well. Just look what we've done with animal husbandry to the canines in a very short amount of time; if we were selecting for dominance and raw intelligence for hundreds of thousands of years, that would explain a lot.

  13. OMG, stop it youtube! trying to age restrict talks now even about psilopsybin and psychedelics?! wtf is your problem against people knowing this stuff.

  14. Consumption of psychoactive substances occurs among many primates and other animals, and has not led to parallel brain size increases in other genera and species – so the hypothesis is real weak. But spiritually guided altered states, with or without phytochemical assistance, definitely produced individuals who could harness their ability to see and know in the collective and across time. Social and personal tutoring probably had as much effect as any chemical in that. Probably almost no users without traditional training can divine, foresee or transform. Many do this without plan help, many with.

  15. Wow what a great speaker. He's just a science nerd who never grew up… instead he became an awesome passionate biologist.

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