1. Sure enuf Capri Sun couple chocolate bars and couple the old pepperoni proper geezer 😎 I got a gg#4 And 2 blue dream photoperiods the gg4 is in ground was a cutting two blue dreams from seeds started around mid May so bit late in the session defo guna trial some autos in big pots and some in ground 2020 session this year was my first time even attempting outdoor but with some of the results from last year's flood of outdoor weed was better than alot of the heat stress none flush or flash dried and waste all that time to save yourself 3days drying it's so dumb when I see ppl do so well the whole time growing it you think there guna be some dank coming up to then turn it to worthless tasteless smelless basically might aswell guna harvest it and burn it all there and then if they think of trying to dry to quick string lines hung upside down by the stalk in single arms leave to naturally dry at nice temp and burp the room u dry In for 3 10-15 intervals thought out the day say on the 3 day drop to burp 15 min every 12hours not have to be precisely 12 But yeah til say the 6/7day hanging in big nugs then get a nice big flat peice cardboard cut it off the stalk to when the bus join as one then any thing cut it off the stalk in the parts that form the arms etc

  2. Smoke s u got any lates out/ auto/earliest d key 4 UK outdoor the key,so long they sort out dealing with hot summer ,in full flower re : mould resistance, soon done,but does it rank t photo viv potency ..meds effect

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