1. Week 2 and I totally agree with this video. I just feel like I have to do stuff throughout the day now and I don’t even look at women sexually anymore, which makes me better at talking to them

  2. Nearly finished my third week quitting social media a month quitting smoking quitting drugs feels pretty good

  3. Testosterone is not what makes you a man. Having kids, being a father, and raising good children is what makes you a man Mr. RAS Phanto

  4. Day 7 guys… Life is changing already. Everything said is true, it's like magic. Pray for me guys. NoFap for life.

  5. Days 6. I would fuck any girl i see :D. Feeling so energized and have no patience to go to the gym and do other stuff.

  6. I spoke to a friend last night that I started going into the lifestyle. Told him I was going day 8 into 9 of nofap while my friend said he's on day 40. The aspects of and accurate facts he was telling me encouraged me to go further beyond. I noticed a little complex vocabulary in our conversation between us and it's crazy. He's told me his journey of nofap and how he's able to obtain "super powers". My reflection from my conversation last night is to continue this lifestyle and to redefine who I truly am.

  7. interesting to hear about this. been 3 years for me, at minimum. puts a whole new paradigm on everything. so much more brain power to actually do shit.

  8. Great content bro, some of the things that I haven't heard in many channels,you deserve more subscribers, upload videos at regular intervals bro, keep it coming 😎

  9. sexual Transmutation bro's.. use that energy to better yourself, your body, your mind, your circumstances

  10. The moment I was watching this vid, you got like 10 new subscribers even though you are not even asking them to subscribe at the end of your vids. Keep up the good work man. The law of attraction is real bro!

  11. I appreciate this video bro I'm 15 I wish more young people knew how life changing this can be and what this can do for them

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