1. 2 years ago I walked up this lane way, literally 40 seconds from stepping out of my Ute and there was a dude with what I seen to be a ounce in his side bag.. what you talking about?

  2. It's still easy to score there, just not at that lane.
    When I was younger my mates and I thought it was funny to go there with scale weights in our pockets and put it on their scales. 9/10 times they were trying to rip us off.
    They couldn't do anything but fix it up because we were all bigger and meaner than them. lol

  3. The opening statement although people are thinking this. It couldnt be further from the truth. They will steall you Mrs' clothes off the line and hang them in their shops. Its crimeville because there are no police at night. Like a moth to the fames rapists, women bashers, and drug addicts gravitate to Nimbin. A handfull of hippies are trying to make it look like a pot only scene.

    Nimbin is a capital for illegal drugs. You name it. Ice, heroin is top shelf order of the day When weed is legal we wont be going to this shitville to buy this weed. I promise you, We cant wait much longer.

  4. Just legalise it!!!
    I don't smoke because I can't be bothered with the risk but weed saves lives and cops ruin them.

  5. SBS Vice TV and the ABC television in Australia are some of the most socialistic minded networks in the world .That means they are biased in reporting . SBS are into illicit drug use promotion . In short the ABC and SBS are evidence of a dive into degenerate decadence . The Feed is a good example of unbridled promotion of not very good habits the cause of mental sickness . Nimbin has had its share of good and bad . Weed is not the answer dear SBS , the Feed

  6. Don't worry fellow stoners, weed is now LEGAL in Canada, i'm thinking of moving there. No more heat 75% of the year, no more flies, just snow and weed.

  7. I name Australia westerner north korea , wth , u can't rule out every single shit, becoming hard and hard to live in this narrow minded ,boring country

  8. The police, the government and the law is corrupt, and they are wrong for what they have done. The truth is becoming prevalent. Marijuana will be decriminalized and legalized. It is in other parts of the world. The lane boys shouldn't have been locked up and made criminals. That's my discernment.

  9. When I was 12 I went to Nimbin to vs their team in soccer and they had over 5 weed ads at their fields. Gotta love Nimbin

  10. It'll never be legalised – it opens up the possibility of compo claims by people who have had their lives ruined by a conviction. The day they (imaginarily) legalise it I'm off to a lawyer to do exactly that. It's NEVER going to happen. Medical ''marijuana'' is legal right now (in WA as far as I know, but that might not be accurate) but not one script has been written because ''marijuana'' is still illegal. See what I mean? You just can't write a script for an illegal drug. End of story. Any talk of legalisation is just wishful thinking.

  11. I'm finding it hard to get buds in the town I'm at right now do u think I'd have a rough time to find some ganja here if I went on a little road trip

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