If you suffer from anxiety, and/or sleep issue’s i highly recommend trying out this CBD OIL! I wanted to make this video to share my opinion, and my thoughts and …


  1. Don't take any unisom or Benadryl, it has been linked to dementia and found on the brains of deceased dementia patients.

  2. @gypsywifelife the cbd ointment is the BEST i have used out of all of the cbd products. It takes my pain right away. Please try it. I rub it on right after my shower and i do not need to take any kind of pain meds for my pain. BTW im sure cookie was CHILLIN after she ate that treat 😉 🎃👻🙌🍁🍂

  3. Thanks for sharing. I’m not someone who wants to feel stoned or high. I want to feel like myself. But I also want to feel like my best self. I deal with epilepsy and a sleep disorder and this sounds great!

  4. You have come so far from that first night and I am thrilled plus your girl enjoy it too just like I thought you all would! So glad it is working for you love ya beautiful 🧡🧡 Happy Monday too

  5. I’ve heard it also helps with arthritis, do you think it has also helped with your knee problem?
    Glad it is helping you.

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