1. Most of the people who are proponents of gun control mean well. They just don’t understand the historical implications or the fact that it is entirely UNCONSTITUTIONAL. That said, politicians, prosecutors, judges, law enforcement personnel and jailers that create and enforce and punish those unconstitutional laws are traitors in my opinion.
    Harsh tho it sounds, it’s most likely legally viable to prosecute them as traitors. Since it’s not ever done as far as I know, just shows the prejudice state of our legal system. Can you please comment on my comment?
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    Perhaps we should consider the past account of the mass murder of whole villages. The Germans kidnaped everyone. dug large ditches. Then murder them with machine guns. Covered the holes and bulldoze the village out of existence. No concentration death camps needed. The nearest villagers said the ground moved for days afterwards as the people died underneath.
    I hope all who participated were tried at Nuremberg, found GUILTY AND HUNG FOR THEIR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!!!


    Support and defend the Second Amendment to The Constitution of The United States πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ of America.
    History has a way of repeating itself every so often. Humanity never seems to learn the mistakes of the past.

  2. The second amendment clearly says, β€œshall not be infringed β€œ.
    What part of that don’t they understand?

  3. No shit. Cannabis is illegal under Federal law. Form 4473 is a Federal form. Perjure yourself and be convicted. Deal with it dopeheads.

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