1. Thanks Dan for doing these videos in the good times and the bad. Keep telling it like it is. Patiently waiting for trend changes.

  2. Dan The Safe Banking Act is going to pass the Senate……Reason being, the Republican Senators are coming around. McConnell wants to make his Constituents farmes happy. Still a stigma on legal hemp for banks to deal. Good article from Townhall (not taking sides) off a Republican website entitled, The Safe Banking Act Is Safe for Republicans by Brian Darling Sept.23d. This will pass the Senate. Leader McConnell will put it on the agenda. He's hanging by a thread in getting reelected. Is he for legalization? NO. Does he want to please constituents and get reelected? Yes. Republican Senate is coming around : )

  3. Dan, the catalysts is not vote house/Senate. The catalysts here is the amount of Republican support we saw today. A big surprise.

  4. The Bulls are running in after hour trading after H.R. 1595 passed in the House. I think tomorrow is going to be a green day.

  5. Great minds think alike! I bought ITHUF today as well and oddly enough at the same exact price you did lol. I bought it for a long term hold where I will scale in more if this is not the bottom. The way the chart looks, I feel it is very likely that it could be with the weekly RSI being the most oversold, daily volume was very high and a strong bullish reversal candle. My stochasticslow indicator show a buy both on the weekly and daily charts. Also now that I am typing this I just noticed that if we do get more follow through, then we have some pretty obvious bullish divergence on the daily RSI chart. I wish I bought more today, but I am happy with what I have for now. I do not intend on selling until the weekly chart becomes not oversold anymore at the absolute minimum. I would like to hold it for months/years at this price

  6. Let me save you 20 minutes, everything in canabis is low with a some hitting fresh 52 week lows (Aurora), tune in tomorrow for another exciting day in the cannabis sector 😊👋

  7. We often talk about on bull moves, the need to establish support. Though, the last 15-20% drop in the past 5 trading days showed no respect for it at all, or for the most part. Opinions? Also, how come whenever we have a big red day where each hourly candle is a lower high lower low, no one talks about how bears dont establish support (resistance), etc? What do you traders think?

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