Marijuana farmer talks about plans for new business, helping people

Jake Loosier, 23, talks about medical marijuana and his plans to start a commercial grow in Kalamazoo County. READ MORE:


  1. People like you are scum of the earth. big companies taking over the industry and putting caregivers out of business makes me sick to my stomach.

  2. What he's doing is completely illegal according to the law. He has other people touching and processing that weed. According to the law nobody else is even allowed to enter that room except for the caregiver. Also his outdoor grow is completely illegal… You can see inside of it from outside which is against the law and again there is some woman inside the grow area trimming the plants which is again completely illegal unless she is the caregiver. Why is he not being raided?

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  4. Keep helping the sick and the people who need the medicine.
    Everyone knows that it helps.
    Ohhh, the miracles I have heard and seen! Big Pharm don't want this….
    It could ruin "everything"!!!

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