1. I thought this was going to be a discussion of its medical applications. Instead it went lowbrow and sensationaliatic. I expect better, PBS.

  2. Entheogens have helped me immensely. I was an alcoholic and addicted to opioids. Psilocybin helped me gain my freedom and my wife and I are closer than ever.I love plant medicine. Thank you PBS for exposing more people to this information.

  3. I took lsd twice for a couple of hippy concerts… a kind of “experience it all” attitude. Sort of like being “barely” drunk but with no loss of coordination, no physical impairments. In other words not the hallucinating starship freakout death wish and never ending mania that I was expecting. Oh the peer pressure of my 20’s.

  4. You can't test LSD on your own self, but you can use it on innocent soldiers and other people for purposes of greed and mass population control LOL. No informed consent whatsoever. And when are we going to make it illegal again to advertise drugs on the TV?

  5. They only want doctors pushing drugs LOL. And that's the only reason we have doctors now. See how well that worked out for the greedy?

  6. Physician, heal thyself first and foremost. The medical industrial complex is a scam. They don't want people healing themselves. You can thank Richard Nixon for that 1973.

  7. Notice how Nixon kowtowed to Big Pharma, along with the medical industrial complex, which profited the most from the drug war aside from the prison industrial complex. And then he turns around in 1973 and makes the medical industry a for-profit affair to further increase their Lust For more money more money more money. So they could buy more politicians… and the cycle goes around and around.

  8. Such a shame that Art Linkletter fell for the establishment's lie. LSD didn't kill his daughter, the government killed his daughter. And he willingly became their puppet.

  9. Notice how they blame the LSD for the freak outs, when we know for a fact that the government tainted the LSD. Duh. Nobody ever peels back a single layer.

  10. Lol a guy says psychedelics are dangerous, yeah dangerous to the military-industrial complex. Damn right.

  11. End the war on drugs and LEGALIZE ALL DRUGS! Every adult should be able to do whatever they want with their own body regardless of the damage it may do to themselves, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else, it's absolutely nobody's business what someone does in the privacy of their own home and anyone that wants to control someone's personal behavior either has Authoritarian personality disorder or some other psychological defect.

  12. Notice the use of the term mind altering drug, a term perpetrated upon the public to confuse people. It's a mind opening drug, a mind healing drug, and although it is the synthetic version of a more natural substance, it can be quite healing and useful. Never buy into the terminology of those who wood oppress you. Own your own correct terminology.

  13. Shrooms are natural. LSD is synthetic. Dont let PBS confuse you. Remember how they told you Hillary was set to win the 2016 election? LSD will warp your mind.

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