Just CBD Gummies Review

In this video I go into detail of my experience with the Just CBD gummies. I think it is a great product that can benefit your everyday life when taken properly.


  1. Superb review! I’ve been struggling with some unwarranted anxiety and sleep deprivation lately due to quitting weed cold turkey. Definitely going to order a jar of these now that I know they genuinely work

  2. wow I wish my tolerance was low… I have the JustCBD dried apricots 1000mg jar. I take between 100-150mgs and works incredibly for my anxiety and schizophrenia

  3. They actually work very very well…. I take 3 of the 500mg ones, i feel relaxed completely. It usually makes me want to sleep so an hour before bed is the best in my case.

  4. I got these for my mom and we were instructed to take three at a time, twice a day. Holy moly! Thank you for your review. I’m going to tell her to change her dosage immediately.

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