Jobs in the Cannabis industry. Marijuana Jobs

Most people don’t realize there is more to working in the cannabis industry, than budtending. In the video I go over a few more. Instagram: Canna_Mink.


  1. Great video. I wanted to share a few I have come across while searching for cannabis industry jobs. You have jobs that are on the science end. You have Research Associates/assistants. Cannabis research is currently blowing up as more states legalize and it would be great to be on the side that collects non biased data. I know that UCLA and Cal State San Diego are both focusing on building cannabis research facilities. There are also lots of opportunities for lab technicians to do things such as analyze products for dispensaries and to perform extractions. You generally have to have a science degree and or experience in a lab. Though, I have seen offers for packaging technicians that don’t require experience. Many companies are looking for chemists and physicians to develop products. Companies also need compliance officers to make sure their facilities are following all guidelines required by government agencies. And I have seen requests for lawyers and legal aids to help keeping companies legit. But like you said, the industry is booming so you simply need to get in where you fit in!

  2. Ok…. sounds great can i come and crash on your couch while i work… i will bring my equipment and we can make bootleg CD's

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