Is Today’s Cannabis That Much More Potent? Edibles Legal in Canada and More!

Let’s catch up and discuss this shall we? Whatcha think? NEW MERCH – I love to talk cannabis! You can follow me at …


  1. Man i wish i lived in Canada. I have fam there but i I have never been there. I will make it one day hopefully lol

  2. Pigeons my man true words aooo nesesary
    Most of my family would need the medicine but they wouldn't touch it because its evil
    Its not nice seeing your family suffering and if i wanna help they just ignore my words wtf?

  3. The only waiver that should be signed before purchasing is a waiver for non liability for a person using their products and going out and having an accident (like a bar is liable for drunk driver if someone leaves to drunk and hits and kills someone)

  4. The government is trying to give the perception that cannabis is as bad as a herion junkie or crack head that would sell there mom for a hit (and not all crack heads or junkies are bad people just controlled by the true drugs and Gov oppression)

  5. Im torn, i was blazin pretty good in the 90s too. The regz was even better back then than it is now. My grandma seems to think the sensi nowadays is more potent than it was in the 60s-80s. Im thinking that's because the dry and cure process along with the combo of selective breeding is taken more seriously than it was 40+ years ago.

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