1. He sounds soooo zen'd out for a youngster. As a 30+ male in the west, genuinely in awe of this young man's temperament. Keep going good sir.

  2. Day 208 now. I just realized something on my journey. The reason we get this huge urge to help people is because we become FULL internally. Now it's about what I can give to people when I look at them, not what I can take from them.

  3. Dead ass when you on your spiritual journey then wet dreams be coming for you heavy I had 2 this month and the last I be waking up looking in the mirror like WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON all grossed out n shit like I’m tryna keep my sperm when I don’t be fapping I be worried like do that even count???😂, but dead ass I quit porn permanently 💯🚫 your eyes is the window to your soul and I don’t want that all in my space at all. So I feel you bro we’re going through the same thing but I think your just beginning like in the middle of the phase but once your in there’s only a way forward not a way back 🙏🏽 much love foo

  4. Hell yeah!! No fap is working. You’re attracting all living things including birds. Haha you’d da man

  5. New sub and turned on bells. Wish I would’ve known about your channel 2 months ago lol. Can definitely learn a lot from your videos. Btw I’m gonna try restarting my no fap journey after seeing this video.

  6. @0:41 lmaooo that bird said “!! SPEAK UP MF !” Ay thats krzy tho – I’m on to weeks also 🤙🏼🎬 stay in there tho i feel like this shi is really going change our lives tho And yeh bro All the money – designer clothes all that just lame asf now lol in a good way

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