How to Cure Cannabis (Wet Trimming)

After all the hard work it takes to grow marijuana, it is surprising how often curing is over looked, so in this short video we will show you step by step, how to cure …


  1. how dry should the flower be after wet trim to start cure. I have to dry in my garage in Los Angeles and I don't have a controlled temperature.
    I usually would wait till the stems are browning a little and when the buds snap off stems easily, but now stems are not snapping still and are a bit green after 4 days on hangers.
    If I wait till stems are dry my flowers will crumble, so I make the call to start cure in Turkey bags and c-vault containers now. I hope I'm on track and doing the right thing.
    Please reply, thanks.

  2. first time growing yeah it’s fun seeing my plant grow buds and all but i’m scared when it’s time to harvest i don’t wanna frick the process up

  3. Keep up the Great Work And Information Ganja Storm Troopers Growers Love My Friend Cheers!

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