How I Overcame Addiction🔑⛰ Meditation, Cold showers, Self Realization

How i personally overcame my addictions to porn, masturbation, sex, drugs, nicotine, social media. 1. Cold showers: Gain power over your body, so that it obeys …


  1. I do both warm and cold, hot water on the rag wash with that then rinse off with cold water then my face and hair and then just stay under the cold water for a few minutes.

  2. Thank you, my beloved twinflame is fighting drugs/sex addictions I'm giving him unconditional love and understanding to overcome this💖

  3. Great video man. I can tell you are passionate about this subject and on the right path in general. I do want to add on something though that maybe others will find useful or interesting. While self-improvement is great, and we should all be striving towards it, what is even more important is helping others, putting others first, and spreading pure unfiltered love. At one point during self improvement, you may or may not stumble upon a particular fork in the road. One road leads to bliss & generosity, while the other leads to overindulgence & selfishness. It's important to choose the right one and to not fall into the trap of self-improvement to where you begin to think you are better than others or more "enlightened" than them. We are all at different stages of spiritual development and we all have different purposes and different karma. Therefore I say this not to you or anybody personally, I am just explaining what I believe may be useful to acknowledge, since some people may encounter this fork in the road and it would be much more beneficial to realize that spiritual awakening and bettering yourself is made so that you can become one with all and love all

  4. 0 dislikes for good reason. You have a very genuine energy and are a powerful articulator of your thoughts. Peace and love my man

  5. try cold showers and meditation like ras says, also if you really want to repprogram your mind no fap+no social media no TV no Netflix no news No Music no Facebook No instagram for 60 days. This is a fast method to becoming whatever you want. Millionare/drug free/ego free depends were u at how far you can go right now. But as he says success is progress

  6. Andrew Carnegie "failed" 10 0000 times creating the light bulb. He said he succesfully found 10 000 ways that didnt work, and that he was getting closer to his goal!

  7. The juul segment of this video has me cracking up, these kids and even some adults are so brainwashed w that stuff.
    Great advice as usual man these videos help me to stay on the right path fr.

  8. my biggest streak is about 1 and a half months nofap, after that i relapsed on many days but i’ve never ever considered giving that up, i’ve seen the results, so for me there is only one option there

  9. Bro. What kinda music do you currently listen to? You have a playlist you can share by any chance?

    Anyways. Appreciate your videos! They’re really helping me through a challenging mental rut I’m trying to fight through right now.


    Keep up your videos man. I feel they have the potential to help many people right now. Peace brotha ✌️💚

  10. If you want to quit an addiction you have to quit all addictions. You just can't stimulate yourself with other addictions because sooner or later you will relapse! And I'm sorry to say this guys: Youtube is one of the worst addictions besides porn. Motivation has to come from inside. If you watch Youtube to get motivated it is like taking drugs to get things done. You'll never suceed this way.

  11. Bro I just quit smoking and for the first time people are trying to smoke me out for free. I’m convinced the universe is testing me.

  12. Had to come here and tell you that ever since I watched this video 2 days ago I been repeating to myself "Success is Progress", im starting to understand more and more. thank you so much for existing and putting out these videos~~~ <3

  13. Can you please make a video on god n the devil n your thoughts on them? Also in your past videos you said you were moving to AZ…is that where you are now? I just moved here

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