1. ILII's
    Love it Tim, keep on inspiring us and thanks for not giving up on some of the stupidest people in the world. I love how you relate to us and say you're not that intelligent, I may not get it right away but when I do yep… Got it… Rinse-and-repeat! You ROCK man, THANKS!!

  2. I LOVE INFORMATIONAL INEFFICIENCIES! Out in Southeast Asia travelling and trading. You inspire me, thank you Tim!!

  3. Hello Timoyhy, I see you have many DVD packs. Which one should I buy first if I want to study the patterns you mention?

  4. " I love information inefficiencies" Tim, I was your student for one year and I'll renew my membership in Profitly soon. Love your videos.

  5. Informational inefficiencies sound like the perfect opportunity. Thanks for emphasizing this Tim!!!!

    I love informational inefficiencies!!!
    I love informational inefficiencies!!!
    I love informational inefficiencies!!!
    I love informational inefficiencies!!!

  6. You're down right entertaining and made my day, Tim! I laugh because you're real and really every time I learned is every step to push me to step on your right track!! Informational inefficiency is another big step to build on. I'm looking forward to your new video again. Thank you Tim!

  7. haha, talking about someone who loves what he's doing, You can see it through him when he talks/teaching,…

  8. Hey Tim, great video, I love information inefficiencies. But, now, let's be honest. What is the next hot stock pick please?

  9. "i love information inefficiencies!" and i got this video just in time to start penny stock trading! thank you!!!

  10. Hi I have watched a number of your videos. I'm just getting started with $5000 Canadian. I'm looking for a video that gives idea about the jargon that you use. I've tried looking up what these words mean in context, and sometimes Google just isn't helpful.

  11. I'm writing this just to help me remember because I'm starting to understand, I love informational inefficiencies!

  12. I love informational inefficiencies! Thanks Tim from across the pond in Scotland🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 And thanks to Tess Lamping for highlighting this link

  13. I love informational inefficiencies.. you’ve peaked my interest. I’m very green to this but I’m willing to be disciplined and “nose to the grind “

  14. Tim, you’ve made me a believer. I know absolutely nothing about stocks until I stumbled across your appearance on the Steve Harvey Show. After watching it, I thought, “If this madman can do it, damn it! I can too!” I have been struggling for a long time and I am ready to change my life learning the stock market. Best thing about me is that I am as green as it gets, however I am a sponge when it comes to learning. Remember me when I become your student. ✊🏾👑🔥

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